19 December 2016

Christmas In Asia | Spending Seasonal Holidays in Kuala Lumpur

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We haven't really had a white Christmas in the UK in a long time, but when I think of the impending Christmas I can't help but conjure up these fantasies of a white Christmas matched with cosiness at home, PJs, hot chocolate mugs, decorated trees watching cheesy Christmas movies with family while the snowflakes slide down the downs downstairs. 

Definitely no snow in London this Christmas, perhaps that's a good thing as we have never really been prepared for snow in the city, albeit the whole country. My sister on the other hand is visiting Michigan in the USA with my 1-year-old nephew. She has been sending daily videos of her son.  My current favourite is watching the look of my nephew's face as he experienced snow for the first time. The look on his face as he was trying to figure whether we broke the sky, because he couldn't make sense of the powdery stuff on the ground as well as the flakes falling from above and onto his little hands. Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. For a long time, I experienced Christmas in a warm climate, in Zambia so the very idea of white Christmas was out of this world madness. Now that I am living in London I have come to associate it with cold weather with flakes of snow thrown in every other year.

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Funny how time flies! This time last year I was splitting Christmas celebrations between Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand. This year I am between London and Oxford with Christmas weekend and New Years celebrations in London with family this year. I usually travel around this time of year so it’s a little weird to be in the UK this year. Last year my fiancé, then boyfriend and I embarked on a trip to Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia where, we were not only going to be spending Christmas but my birthday and New Years celebrations too. I was keen to seen how Malaysia celebrates Christmas. Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur(and Cambodi's Siem Reap) were decked out in Christmas decorations.

The malls were buzzing with Christmas Spirit.  The Mall and shopping displays in the stores went to town with the creations. There are services in malls that allow you to drop off your kids while you shop for those Christmas presents or the crazy sales in the stores. Then there is Pavilion KL that has nightly fake snowfall in Bukit Bintang, as well as Ice Rinks. The shopping Malls are ever so busy here during Christmas, in much the same way you will find London's busy Westend. So you can expect KLCC mall to be full of activities and the atmosphere is very festive and fun. Suria KLCC has everything from designer labels to your everyday high-street shops.
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Lets also not forget the haven of gadgets; from standalone game shops by the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Samsung shops right next to each other. I couldn't resist Samsung so I gifted myself a Samsung dual sim A8. So, now I have my work number and personal numbers all ringing on one mobile phone. I am no longer having to carry two phones! If you have not experienced Christmas in Asia or Kuala Lumpur to be more specific then you need to get on it!
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Suddenly it was no longer weird spending Christmas in a hot country when you are used to a cold if not white Christmas. Spending Christmas in Kula Lumpur last year was a real treat! We stayed at Mandarin Oriental, which I shared a couple of posts here and here, a while back. We were centrally located as our hotel was right next to the Petronas Towers as well as Suria KLCC Mall. They had one of the biggest Christmas trees I have ever seen and the whole places outside the mall was buzzing. Inside the mall they had ridiculously big decorations and animated décor to go with it.
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Kuala Lumpur - Christmas in KL - Malaysia - Petronas Towers
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Malaysia Christmas - Christmas In Asia
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We spent the Xmas holidays in KL but soon after it was time to go back to Cambodia and ring in 2016! How time flies...and here we are about to welcome 2017. I hope you enjoy your holidays, get some rest in there and bring on the excitement of what 2017 has in store for us all. Happy holidays to your and your families.

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So where are you spending your Christmas this year?

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