6 October 2016

Brighton Beach | Visiting Melbourne's Iconic Bathing Box Beach


Located south of Melbourne on the realms of Port Phillip Bay, is where you will find one of Melbourne's Iconic beaches. The 6 kilometres of coastline are not the only draws to Brighton Beach, the attraction to the shorelines may have something to do with the 82 bathing boxes that line the foreshore of Brighton Beach. These were built over a hundred years ago in response to ideas of Victorian moral values and seaside bathing. Each now comes adorned with distinctive decorations which have now turned Brighton Beach into an immediately recognisable spot. These bathing boxes are located on a popular spot of the coastline of Dendy Street. On a good day this coastline is filled with picnickers, windsurfers and water skiers.

I was visiting Melbourne towards the end of the Australian summer so the weather was never going to be guaranteed, a walk on an overcast day was still enjoyable. If you are visiting Melbourne, Brighton is well worth a visit. When you are done with snapping the Brighton's Bathing Boxes(let’s face it, they are irresistible!), head on over to city center where  you will find Brighton's Bay Street lined with cafes, restaurants, and enough shops to burn some plastic if you so choose.

Apart from exploring the coastline on foot, you can also rent a bike at Beach Road Cycles and explore the area's historical architecture like the town hall buildings, manicured gardens such as that of Rippon Lea; 5- hectares of extensive gardens, a large lake and a waterfall as well as the beautiful gardens at Billilla Homestead. If you are short on time simply stick to people watching on the coastline by the bathing boxes and watch tourists dropped off in mini buses or those that take to self-guided tours.

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  1. What a stunning place! I would love to visit there someday. :)