29 September 2016

London Exploring | Views From The Shard [What to See and Do In London] Pt2

Here part 2 to my visual diaries of London exploring with other instagrammers in the city. The installment is by way of a visit to The Shard in the heart of London's city. The perfect spot for catching the sunset and see London from high up.

I got the chance to buy the year long pass for the London Shard when they had a promotion before summer. For £20 I can visit as much as I want until December. I have been up there a couple  of times but working from Oxford during the week means that I only have the weekends mostly these days and those may be divided up by travels or other walks to explore other parts of London.

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You can find part 1 of the London Exploring Series here.

So have you seen the views of the city from the Shard yet?

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