15 September 2016

London Exploring | Westend [What To See And Do In London] Pt1

Every other weekend myself and a few instagrammers take to the streets of London for a little bit of shooting so this post will act as a series to give you a visual inspiration of what you can see and do in London via these photo sessions. 

Below you can see Trafalgar Square, Number 10 Downing Street, London Eye Big Ben and Westminster. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to make sure you see these as and when we have the London walks. I usually prefer to shoot just before sunset and after sun set when I am in London, the city just feels and appears so much calmer. When I am away I tend to go more for sunrise shoots.

Look out for Part 2, when I will be showing you views of London's Shard building. Its also part of the list of 5 places in London with amazing views of the city's skyline.

So have you been visited London before? Let me know your favourite parts of the city in the comments below.

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