12 August 2016

The Perfect Weekend Bag For Quick and Easy Getaways

Being a travel blogger, I guess I don't need convince you of the fact that I travel a lot. Working as a consultant also means I travel for much of my projects. Currently making the weekly rounds between London and Harry Potter's playground in beautiful Oxford. I hope my recent weekend trips to Paris, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Edinburgh, the English countryside and many other European cities have served inspiration for you to pack your bags and head for little break. With the right bag one can quickly hop on out of the city for a little weekend R&R with minimal packing effort. Those weekend trips are all about maximising the time you have for play on your get away, and doing so means reducing the time you have to check in at airports or dragging around big bags. You want to be able to pack a carry-on and go from work to play in about as little time as it takes Lewis Hamilton to get from 0-60! That means having a bag perfect for a carry-on-only weekend getaways. Who doesn't need an escape from the weekday grind? The Catalina weekender by Lo and Son is perfect for skipping the check-in desk and heading straight to departures. This little baby comes in a few shades but being a lover of all shades of blue, I went for Indigo, but there are a few more colours in the range if blue doesn't get your wanderlust flowing. Reasons to love this weekender?

1. Compartments, iPad/kindle sleeve and room for any other gadgets you might want to tuck in there. My favourite is the compartment at the bottom, which you can use to separate any used, dirty clothes from your getaway as well as use it to separate shoes from clothes. I have sometimes used this compartment to separate clothes from all my other gadgets I travel with. All my camera accessories, GoPro, nano pods go at the bottom while clothes go in the main bag.

2. Washable - How many times have you spilled shampoo or conditioner or make-up in your luggage. I love that you can quickly throw this in the machine and have it spanking new again.

3. Simple Design and fits so much in it. I am all about minimal packing for the weekend getaways so, I was super surprised and thankful of how much you can put into this bag. Also, perfect for those that want to do long term trips with just a carry-on. You can get so much in there!

4. Easily Customisable - This is something I haven't done yet but I think the material is perfect to have a customised embroidery done on it. I may look into it and update this post once I get it done. Or possibly get the iron-on design with a travel quote or something. #watchthisspace

I love a bag that is both functional and and super light! It definitely ticks all the right boxes for a weekender. Another plus is that you can easily roll it up on your luggage as additional luggage.

How do you pack when you travel? Are there any tricks you have learned while traveling near and far?

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  1. Loving the zipper compartment for the shoes! What a great idea!

  2. This is great! I like the separate compartment on the bottom. Seems like a great bag for a weekend away!

  3. Looks like a great size bag - I'm looking for something similar. Thanks for the tip! :)

  4. Ooh this bag looks really stylish, and I love all the compartments. Great review :)

  5. Oh, l so need this bag in my life :-). It looks like what l've been searching for. I will definitely look it up. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I like the look of this bad. The best thing about it, from what I can see, is that it has a special section for shoes. So you don't have to get your other clothes dirty if you are in a hurry and throw your walking shoes in to change with some elegant ones :)

  7. I could really do with something like this - most of my weekend bags are way too big and also don't look as nice as this!

  8. Ok I want this... nooowwww! Love the zip off bottom for shoes! Amazing!