30 August 2016

Marriott Court | Where to Stay In New Delhi

It's no surprise that I am a big fan of Marriott hotels. Having stayed at many of their hotels. From USA to Germany, from Thailand to England, and From Hong Kong  to Poland. I use them a lot when I travel for work but now also look at their properties when traveling for leisure as well. When my boyfriend was going to work in India for two months, I new it was only going to be one place I was going to be looking at. His office was Gurgaon, which is just on the border with New Delhi. Perfect for my exploring of New Delhi's tourist sights and perfect for his morning commute to the office.

Marriott Hotels are some of the most comfortable hotels I have ever stayed in. Service is impeccable whatever the time of day and the locations of the hotels are usually in the best spots in the city. Clean, comfortable and affordable luxury! Why wouldn't I want to stay there? This is one is part of the Courtyard by Marriott Hotels. In addition to a spacious room and comfortable bed, food is great and even better breakfast selection to set up for the day. The hotel also has a rooftop pool, perfect for watching the sunset while lounging by the pool - the makings of a great stay. My stay was super short but my boyfriend stayed on for 2 months with no problems.

The hotel is also on hand to help with arranging tours to many other places around India. They were also on hand to help book and arrange for a car and driver from New Delhi to Agra so that we could visit The Taj Mahal before I left to come back to London. I am keen to revisit India again soon. For more hotels options in New Delhi check out this list of hotels in New Delhi as well as my post on Top 13 Place You Should Visit In New New Delhi.

25 August 2016

Exploring New Delhi's Bahai Lotus Temple

Nearly two years ago I visited Israel and while I was there I visited the beautiful Bahai temple in Haifa. It was beautiful, colouriful and spread across a great area of land in Haifa. Then when I visited India last year I knew that a visit to another Bahai temple while I was in New Delhi was in order. One hot morning when my boyfriend left the hotel to go to work, with the help of the Marriott Hotel, I booked a car to take my out on a tour. With the crazy traffic in New Delhi I managed to tick off only half of my list for the day before I wanted to get out of the heat and go cool off at the hotel. One place I was not going to leave without seeing for the day was the Lotus Temple - A Bahai House of Worship.

23 August 2016

Golddiggers Resort Phuket | When You Book A Hotel Simply Because Of Its Name

My mind had conjured up so many things when I first spotted the name of the hotel and at $40 a night I thought to myself it can't really be that bad, can it? To my relief, it was bad at all. In addition to the name, I chose it because it was a short distance from the airport as we were flying from Bangkok in the late afternoon. We were going to be doing the Phang Nga Bay tour which takes of from the piers near in the Northern part of Phuket. Hence why were wanted to base ourselves this side of the island. I shared a post from our day tour from Phuket to Phang Nga Bay

20 August 2016

Sydney Apartments That will Bring Out The Naomi Campbell Out of You!

Lately, when I travel I prefer a little bit of "home from home comfort" so I tend to opt for apartments when traveling for leisure these days. Sure you might want everything taken care of by the hotel and that's great when I am staying in hotels while on a work project. For my trip to Australia this March, I wanted to be right in the city but still feel comfortable in the space I was staying and much less foot traffic compared to a hotel. I definitely found in Meriton Apartments. They have some of the tallest residential properties in Sydney. They have many apartment buildings in Sydney and some with penthouse. I chose to stay at Meriton Serviced Apartments in Pitt Street. Right in the heart of Sydney's CBD. Westfield Shopping Centre is just a street or 2 streets away. It is perfectly located in that you also have the world famous Queen Victoria Building with designer boutique stores, cafes and restaurants just a few steps away.  Just as well, as being close to many a restaurant meant I had enough time to evoke the Naomi Campbell alter ego before venturing off to dinner with travel friends I met in the city. 

17 August 2016

Malaysia's Best Kept Secret : Why You Must Visit The Heli Bar In Kuala Lumpur

Where in the world can you land a chopper on a helipad, only to have that same helipad turn into a bar after dark? Only in Kuala Lumpur! The Heli Lounge Bar is quite literally a breath of fresh air. One of 5 helipads in the city but what makes this one special is that you can stand on it and sip cocktails as the sun sets into the horizon. 

Before you get too excited and rush to the stairs leading to the heli-pad on the 36th floor, you will have to buy a drink in the bar before being shown up to the roof. The Heli Lounge Bar sits on the on 34th floor and comes complete with an aeronautical theme to the decor. You have panels from Boeing 737 and 747 turned into sitting booth and DJ console. The Heli Pad is 2 flights of stairs, also note that other than the light barriers around the helipad, you are basically on the roof of a building with no safety net. There is security on deck to ensure no one gets too close to the edge.

14 August 2016

Why Every London Visit Should Include A Stop At Notting Hill & Portobello Market

Ahh Notting Hill, an Instagrammers little gem! Notting Hill is famous for many things, from the yearly carnival the brings multi-cultural societies into one big colourful weekend-long street part, to the beautiful Portobello Market and lest we forget Notting Hill romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant! Notting Hill is one place in London that every tourist weigh their coins has to pay a visit to when they come to London.

How can resist that pastel and candy coloured houses all lined up waiting to be snapchatted? It's the perfect place to wonder around on a Sunday as the streets are perfect to get lost in, in between instagramming and latte sipping sessions. Portobello Market is not only famous for its antiques but you will find it all here, from beautiful jewellery to old photography memorabilia, closes, food stalls and many a souvenir. You next visit to London should definitely include a stop to Notting Hill. If the word haven't convinced you yet, hopefully the pictures below should do the trick!

Getting To Portobello Road
Your Nearest underground station is Notting Hill. From there you have clear signage on which exits to use. Its perfectly easy to find as you will always have people heading in that direction.

12 August 2016

The Perfect Weekend Bag For Quick and Easy Getaways

Being a travel blogger, I guess I don't need convince you of the fact that I travel a lot. Working as a consultant also means I travel for much of my projects. Currently making the weekly rounds between London and Harry Potter's playground in beautiful Oxford. I hope my recent weekend trips to Paris, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Edinburgh, the English countryside and many other European cities have served inspiration for you to pack your bags and head for little break. With the right bag one can quickly hop on out of the city for a little weekend R&R with minimal packing effort. Those weekend trips are all about maximising the time you have for play on your get away, and doing so means reducing the time you have to check in at airports or dragging around big bags. You want to be able to pack a carry-on and go from work to play in about as little time as it takes Lewis Hamilton to get from 0-60! That means having a bag perfect for a carry-on-only weekend getaways. Who doesn't need an escape from the weekday grind? The Catalina weekender by Lo and Son is perfect for skipping the check-in desk and heading straight to departures. This little baby comes in a few shades but being a lover of all shades of blue, I went for Indigo, but there are a few more colours in the range if blue doesn't get your wanderlust flowing. Reasons to love this weekender?

3 August 2016

Just Do It! 10 Travel Tips For First Time Solo Travellers

'Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage'

Talk is cheap so stop telling yourself you are going to do it and just do it(as Nike used to say). But, where do you even start? Before we even get very far in to this, you need to decide on where to go! Contrary to what a lot of people believe, solo doesn’t just mean travel outside the country. It can also be inland travel. I spent a lot of my late teens exploring parts of the UK on my own and even took my nieces too from time to time. Exploring Wales, Scotland, and parts of England on my own before I ventured off to other parts of the world on my own! Yes, exploring your own country counts as solo, so why are so many guys and girls so afraid to explore without a companion?

Travel planning for trips with friends and family can be tough with trying to figure out when and where to go, factoring what you are going to do and where you staying, fitting in people's budgets and what they like to see and do. See, just talking about it is tiring enough. Even worse, when you do all that planning and people cancel! I love travelling with compadres, but love my solo trips just as much. The freedom to go where I want, when I want and how long, stay where I want. This is all a breath of fresh air. We do so much for others through the year, whether you are at work or home, so solo trips are another way to re-group and do you, for you! Like the quote above says, it’s not about money but courage. So for those that haven’t embarked on a solo trip yet I thought I would help you out a little. Having travelled as far as Australia's Sydney, Hong Kong, parts or Europe and UK on my own I may just have picked up a thing or two to get you started! So here are tips to get you going on the first solo trip.