3 July 2016

A Local's Guide On What To See And Do In London

It has been a while since I have done a guide on London, the very city I live in, for goodness sake! I suppose I take it for granted that I live here, so I tend to write a lot about other cities I go to as an escape from London. So, my long overdue of a local's guide to London. Even better that no transportation is required with this guide. A lot of it only requires money for a cup of coffee when you get thirsty or need to take cover from the rain. There are lots of stops along the way to taste amazing food. All calories that you will burn off on this walk anyway. Below is a map that you can also click on with previews of what you will see and do along this guide. Also, look out for a guide to shopping in London as well as all the best markets you need to check out when you visit London as well as where to stay when you visit London. I will be covering all budgets for that so make sure you are following on Bloglovin so your don't miss them when they publish. Without further ado, lets get to it!

Start The Day With A Hearty Breakfast In Covent Garden.

1 July 2016

Poland | Where To Stay In Warsaw

Where to Stay In Warsaw

Whenever I plan a short getaway, to get the most out of a quick visit to a city I try and plan where I stay carefully. This way you can kind of plan what to see and do and just how easy it is to get to from where you are staying. Also, as it's a getaway break from normal day living I also want it easy and rather effortless. I had a few options on where to stay in Warsaw, in the end, we decided on Marriott Hotel. It's has a great location in the heart of Warsaw. You are literally a few meters from Warsaw's biggest mall; Zlote Tarasy. It's also across the road from the Palace of Culture which offers amazing views of Warsaw. The shot below of the Marriott Hotel building from taken from the Palace of Culture building.