1 June 2016

Ocean View | A Day Out On Sydney's Bondi Beach

Sydney's most visited beach and Australia's world famous beach. You cannot visit Sydney and not make it to Bondi Beach. Waves upon waves of the Pacific come gushing in and its mesmerising just standing there listening to the waves crash in foaming swells. Surfers breaking waves like child's play. If the waves or winds are all too powerful for you can drop by the famous Bondi Baths that have become a landmark of Bondi Beach for many years.   What I also learned while exploring the city is that Sydney as many saltwater baths by the ocean which makes swimming in the ocean a lot safer. They are all dotted around the coast and not as busy and popular as Bondi Baths but bear in mind that not all will have life guides around like Bondi Baths.

Bondi Beach is usually crowded but as I was visiting at the end of the season, it was so busy with just enough sunshine to make it look inviting but shortly after we were all ducking for Bondi Pavilion cafes and gelato shops to escape the rain. Come rain or shine tens of thousands of people walk this stretch of the beach to take  in the views, walk the coastal route, jog or sunbath on the golden shores. Bondi Beach is not famous for no reason, it's absolutely beautiful and not only that, I love that the city center is not too far.  You could be sunbathing one minute and burning plastic with a little retail therapy within minutes. 

While exploring the area don't pass on checking out other beautiful beaches nearby like Tamara, Bronte, and Coogee which can all be easily accessed via the coast walk.

Getting Around: Bondi Beach is only about 30 minutes drive from Sydney CBD. Tour buses actually stop by the beach so  if you are doing the city tour you can actually get one of the buses from CBD and get on and off by the beach. You can also use Uber or any of the tax services to get to the beach. Will be  sharing more pictures from explorations of Sydney CBD soon.

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