9 September 2015

My Bucketlist: Bring Travel Dreams to Life

We all have bucketlists, places we want to see before we clock out for the last time. Some may involve trekking the beautiful peaks in Patagonian, or cruising the Nile, learning Italian as you travel via train through the scenic coastal towns of Italy, or being in two continents at the same time while meandering on the Bosphorus boat tours with Sofia in in your rear view or maybe even flying over across the other side of the world discovering whats really down under(when you find out let me know!). Whatever those plans are, point is we all have them! Yes, even for those whose travel plans as less of a priority than us wanderlusting addicts. Its also such a shame that most of us wait too long to realise those plans. With this blog I always try and included tips and details of how you can travel without having to sell your organs. You can check out my recent blog post on how to travel for next to nothing, which includes links to sites for the best flight deals as well as tips on saving money when booking hotels and earning points for free travel. 

I have been meaning to publish my bucketlist for sometime and but it changes so much with each and every new exciting destination that I discover. With all the changes that happen to it, I thought I would just go ahead and publish it and leave it as a dynamic list I would add to or remove, or perhaps even do a version 2 of my travel bucketlist. That's if I rinse this one out after wining the lottery and take a year out to travel. Included at links to post covering places I have already ticked off on my bucket list. I guess on of the reasons for the delay is that this blog was really intended to provide meaningful resources for any one wishing for inspiration on destinations that are not only popular but those that you might not have considered  but now that you have seen pictures, you can then add to your bucketlist. As always if a post doesn't provide enough details on costs, accommodation and transportation you are always welcome to email me and I will either update the post with details or just answer your questions via email/facebook/insta twitter...you get the gist!

...So indulge your wanderlust spirit as we go through some of my #bucketlist destinations and let me know below if there are places on my list that you have been to already or places we have in common? I would also love to here places you are still longing with visit but haven't checked off your list. Let me know in the comments below.

6 September 2015

#LumiaStreetArt - East London Street Art | Lumia Photo Walk With Microsoft

You might have seen me post a few pictures on my Instagram account a few weeks ago when I and a few other bloggers were invited to a Street Art Photo Walk(#LumiaStreetArt) with none other than Microsoft. Bloggers were going to be checking out the Nokia Lumia 930 which of course features the Windows platform. I am no stranger to Windows phones as I have written phone applications for the Windows platform as well as using them for work. What I was keen on, was testing out the new Nokia Lumia 930 camera and putting it to its paces. Our walk came with a tour guide taking us through Shoreditch's hidden streets filled with some of the world's famous and popular taggers and street artists. Also on hand was Phil Hebbert  from Photography Made Simple, who showed us how to get the best out of the phone's features. 

Lumia Photo Walk Round 1

Our photo session ran in two rounds. Starting at Shoreditch station we walked around checking out the colourful art and getting the low down of what inspired the artists, where some of their other works are featured. This also included discussions on their style, how that has evolved as well as their thought provoking works, whether in protest of today's issues or their use of material; paint, props, threading, puzzles in order to engage their audience. Whether you are into art or not, you cannot ignore what the art had done for this area of London.

1 September 2015

Santorini | Guide To The Best Beaches In Santorini

Santorini is one of those popular Greek Islands that you hear and read about all the time but of what you most see is Oia. Santorini being an Island, I was more interested in checking out some of Santorini's best beaches and less so in seeing the sunset in Oia as lovely and beautiful as they are. Yea, of course I was hoping to see many a sunrise and sunset but as Santorini has special geographical features by way of the volcanoes I new I would be in for something a little special. All year round great weather in Greece means that whatever time you choose to visit there is always plenty of time to enjoy the sun on the beach in Santorini.

Beautiful and differing  rock formations with each and every meter of the island you pass also means that the beaches in Santorini are different to those found in other parts of Greece. Black, red, white sand beaches filled with volcanic minerals; one for my big reasons for staying in Akrotiri on the island is its proximity to the beaches as well as its quiet and tranquil life on the island. Compared to that of its popular town of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli. Those places are great for the nightlife, bar scene, shopping and restaurants but a tad to busy if you are on the island for more than just a short break.

If you are thinking of heading to Santorini I would highly recommend you consider the smaller towns too. Akrotiri offers the same sunsets as Oia, you are close to great beaches, restaurants line the beaches too and of course you also have the famous Santorini blue domes.

Santorini's Best Beaches.