30 June 2015

Summer Essentials | Top 5 Swimsuits To Add To You Summer Wish List

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With only a few days until my trip to Greece, can you blame me that I have suddenly gone into overdrive in my preparations for chillaxing by the pool in Santorini or poolside daydreams with views of the Acropolis? Yep, I cannot wait! 

With the weather set to be hot, I am sure there will be may opportunities for a swim so I thought I would share some of the beautiful swimsuits on my wishlist for the upcoming trip.

1. Michael Kors Belted One Shoulder
2. Power Mesh One Piece
3. Off The Shoulder Maison Lejaby
4. Twisted Bandeau Bikini
5. Seafolly High Neck One Piece

What are your favourite trends this season?

26 June 2015

Livingstone | 5 Top Things to do at Victoria Falls

Wearing some of my goodies from bargain hunting around Lusaka and Livingston markets

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I don't go back home as often as I would love so my trip back to Zambia a few months ago meant that I wanted to pack as much into the trip as I possibly could, in additional to introducing my boyfriend to the continent other than our diving trip in Egypt's Red Sea

I am sure you have seen my posts of Dipping into the Devil's Pool or getting a little rest and relaxation from the world's insanity at Tonabezi's river lodges. If you haven't then you need to go check them out as there is more info in them on what to do in Livingstone to check out Victoria Falls.

So you find yourself at Victoria Falls and you have marveled at God's master piece and have taken a million selfies(lets not kid ourselves, I will bet you are also hiding a selfie stick too - don't worry I will keep the judging to myself). So what else is there in this little city of Livingstone? Just for reference as Victoria falls is on the boarder with Zimbabwe most of the things to do in the list below are based in on the Zambian side. Also note that you can get the bus to Chobe's national park from Livingstone but that's another day. While you are in Livingstone below are the 5 top things to add to the itinerary.

5 Things to do at Victoria Falls/Livingstone

22 June 2015

Things To Do | A Quick Guide To Copenhagen

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If you are a lover of history, architecture or even shopping then you will love Copenhagen. Originally a viking fishing village, it only  became the capital of Denmark in the 15th Century. Rich with amazing buildings that are hundreds of years old and still in pristine condition. A photographers paradise, as there are endless possibilities, especially when the weather is playing ball. Exploring the city couldn't be easier as the metro is easy to navigate with a choice of 12 hour/24 hour and 3 day tickets available. Bear in mind this is a cyclists heaven too so you can rent a bike and blend in with the locals, not to mention you can easily walk around to most of the attractions too. 

19 June 2015

20 Travel Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

They say there is no cure for wanderlust. One you have got the travel bug its with you for life! Certainly is the case for me. With the world as beautiful as it is, it would be crazy not to want to explore as far and wide as possible. If I am not conjuring up my own travel plans you will find me on my Instagram, eye-spying what other travellers are getting up to.
With over 65 million plus in photos uploaded a day, and over 200 million active users its hard to know where to start when it comes to who to follow to get your daily shot of wanderlust kick. Through I should warn you some of these will have you either racing straight to the airport for the next plane out or reaching for your cash card to book your next getaway.

Below are 20 of my favourites that will certainly inspire you to get out and explore.

16 June 2015

Unplug and Enjoy | 5 Tips to Totally Switch off on Holiday

Being connected to the world is everyone's priority these days. Whether travelling for business or pleasure making sure that your hotel has internet free internet is usually one those things that we are now checking before we even check if they offer free breakfast. When was the last time you really switched off? I mean really turn off and switch off! That moment when you didn't have to check how many likes your Instagram or Facebook post had, how many people have retweeted your tweet?  Didn't have to check an email or whatapps ping after your phone buzzed. My guess is that its been a pretty long time if you are honest with yourself. Dont worry I am also guilt of that but I am trying every now and then to just switch all gadets off. If that means running off to the British countryside with friends or going on a little Reiki retreat to enjoy the beaches on the British Isles then guess what, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. I am  not saying you have to do this for the entire time of your break but I believe a minimum of half a day to a day minimum will really mean you can benefit. So without further ado, here are my 5 tips to getting a little peace of mind and a little more joy in your days. Point 1 and 5 are the most important to get the most out of this.

13 June 2015

A Touch of Vintage | Exploring London On A Vintage Route Master

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I have a couple of posts on afternoon teas from London to Dubai to Hong Kong, so I think it's pretty clear that Bee is no stranger to cake accompanied by pinky-held tea cups. So when Thistle Hotels invited a couple of bloggers for afternoon tea atop a red vintage bus, my sweet tooth was ready and willing before I could even finish reading the invitation.

Sunday rolled on and as if by magic, London was beautifully bathed in glorious sunshine when giggling bloggers jumped on board the afternoon tea tour bus run by BB Bakery, some were so eager that they managed to get on the wrong BB Bakery tour bus(they were politely ushered off). We were also in the good company of a dashing Tom from Thistle Hotels who was on hand to answer our questions we had about the hotel, most of which are in easy access to many of London's tourist attractions. So if you are heading over to London for business or pleasure then you have plenty to choose from. I didn't even know they had that many Thistle Hotels dotted around the capital. 

8 June 2015

Copenhagen | The Marble Church

Walking around Copenhagen, you would be fooled into believing that some of its buildings are from recent times, due to the pristine condition that most are in. One of the places I had on my list to visit was Frederik's Church which is nicknamed The Marble Church and located in Copenhagen's Frederiksstad.  This is also where you will find the Amalienborg Palace. Still in immaculate condition considering the building started in 1749 as an honor to God by King Frederik V. Soon after, its architect, Nicalai Eigtved died in 1754 and not long after the king died in 1766. For a 100 years the works had stalled due to lacking funds when Frederik's son was at the throne. 

Works on it restarted with a new architect in 1847, as a new financier with groundless bank pockets had been found. The inside of the church are unexpectedly understated but considering how long it took to get up and running, I wonder whether it was a matter of just finishing the project than abandoning a royal  project and one that Frederik had started. It's has the largest church dome in northern Europe with a span of 31m and resting on 12 columns in comparison to Rome's St Peter's Cathedral with a 42.5m dome. It is really beautiful and only a short stroll from Nyhavn with many cute little cafes in its shadow. I do wonder what it might  have looked like had the original architect finished the works before he died. Certainly one to add to the list for those with an affinity for architecture of love for religious buildings.

5 June 2015

Hotel D'Angeleterre | A Taste of Copenhagen

The first day of our visit to Copenhagen, I had planned on doing one of those free walking tours to get our barrings of the city. We were meant to meet the group at the city hall but when we got there we couldn't find them and after walking around a while it started to rain. By now I could feel myself getting slightly cranky as our flight in was at stupid o'clock. So when we stumbled on to Hotel D'Angeleterre it was basically to find some shelter and get some hot tea down my throat before the crankiness notched up another level.

We were walking towards Nyhavn, but due to the construction site of a metro we couldn't see that we were literary in front of it before calling it quits and ducking into the hotel. I am certainly glad we did, as the food was nothing short of spectacular!  Copenhagen has only handful of Michelin Star restaurants and of those few only Marchal Restaurant at the luxurious Hotel Angeleterre has the prestigious star rating. I could see why after tasting the food. It's spearheaded by Chef Ronny Emborg whose mater creations offer a dramatic culinary experience that you won't forget(I guess hence why there is now a blog post about it). I think it's obvious now that my travels are not just about the sights but food experiences are also a huge part of my travel experience. You can check out my other memorable dinning experiences on The Solent's Spitbank Fort or dining at Edinburgh's Witchery By The Castle.

The food is a French-Nordic mix with unique flavours and exquisitely executed with such passion, from the chef, to the people that serve the food. Well  I think this is the one and only time one can be thankful of being a little cranky, as I would never have walked in and experienced Ronny Emborg's mouth watering creations. You can check out a copy of Ronny Emborg's cookbook with his signature dishes; The Wizard's Cookbook, although I doubt, even with the recipes I would be able to recreate his anything near his ingenious marvels.