31 May 2015

Paradise Found | 20 Africa's Best Beaches You Need To Visit

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Africa has become synonymous with safaris nowadays, but there is all so much more to this beautiful continent than just chasing the big five - so much more! Most people the moment they think beach holiday they usually think of escapes to the Caribbean or maybe some other European destination. Oblivious to Africa's thousands of beautiful beaches and landscapes that will satisfy even the most insatiable wanderlust junkies. From landscapes, you can try crazy sports such as sand boarding in the dunes to sitting on the edge of one of the 7 natural wonders like the Victoria falls. Only a few people venture out to these beaches and those very people are usually hush when it comes to revealing the paradise they have found. Maybe so they stay perfect. Well, with this post we are not talking about extreme travel experiences, that's another post.  With this post, I wanted to show you some of Africa's best beaches, so next time you want a relaxing beach escape that does involve fighting for your own little bathing spot, you know exactly where to head to. 

You will find it difficult to come across sand so white, the sea so breathtakingly blue. Think unspoiled white pristine sandy beaches that go on for miles, where you can lounge with a cold drink topping up your tan as the light cool breeze gently soothes you into a dreamy state in paradise. The beauty of it all is that none of it is a dream. These places really do exist, all but a just plane ride away.... Not many people venture to these places meaning that you will not have to share the beach with a soul, other than the person you decide to bring along to share the experience and perhaps the person that bring you drinks of course.

So, why follow the herds when you have options like these below?...

26 May 2015

5 Packing Tips For A Summer Getaway

Sun and relaxation are the perfect combinations for that "ahh" moment and if that also includes sand, sea or pool then all better for it. Although the weather in London may not be playing ball, my imagination as we head into summer months has already started conjuring pictures of sunnier dispositions with outstanding natural beauty where you can exclusively enjoy surroundings without too much effort. 

Feeling a little inspired with my ideas of escapism centered around idyllic spots in which one can relax in peace, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, breathing in the fresh air away from the city's polluted hustle and bustle. What better way to inspire you too, to get into the vibe of summer than to share my packing tips for a little getaway. As I have been dreaming about getting away to the beaches of Madagascar for a little dream vacation I thought I would theme the post around that. Think unspoiled beaches with no soul in sight.  Just you, pristine white sand and the most beautiful aquamarine what's you have ever laid your eyes on. I will be sharing 20 of Africa's best beaches in my next post so look out for that.

Whether you are headed straight for the beach or relaxation retreat below are my tips on packing. These can be used whether heading for a weekend or longer trip.

20 May 2015

Sand Boarding and Quad-Biking In Namibia's Desert Dunes

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Finally, I get to share my pictures from the sand boarding and quad-biking in the Namibian coastal dunes.  One of the main reasons for heading to this part of Namibia having visited Windhoek, the capital, was to visit the little German town that is Swapkomund.  In addition to that, I had been dreaming about sand boarding in the dunes for a long time now, so it was my goal to make it happen while visiting an area with the tallest dunes in the world! Well if you are going to do something crazy why not go the whole nine yards, right?

12 May 2015

Brunch At Victoria And Albert Museum

I forget just how beautiful London's architectures is sometimes. This is fast becoming a typical Sunday hang out spot as its literary next door to the church I go to. In order to avoid the rain when walking to and from Church from South Kensington Station, I usually have to take to the tunnels that led right into Victoria and Albert Musuem then a few steps into Church. This is one of the busiest museums in the capital but you can still find a little respite in the John Madejski Garden. Named so as £2 million was donated by John Madejski to the museum to design a stylish new courtyard for people to meet and provide a central point to explore the museum.

The beautiful garden leads to my little Sunday brunch spot. The Gamble and Poynter Rooms. This is where the cafe  is located, the original refreshment room which formed the first museum restaurant in the world. It's usually busy inside but when the sun is shinning you most likely want to be enjoying your meal out on the seats outside or spread across the lawn. It is simply beautiful whether you are dinning here during the day or night when its all lit up. You can spend the whole day here easily. Look at just how stunning the architecture is, let alone the art that  is within the walls all the museum.

8 May 2015


These are the last few of my pictures from my back and forth trips for a weekend in Amsterdam recently. I shared a post on the food tour I did with Eating Europe, the amazing and romantic High Wine Experience at the Dylan Hotel as well as the first trip to Amsterdam.

My last post I shared with you shots of Vondel Park. Amsterdam is such a beautiful capital, so busy and yet if you travel far enough you will find many neighborhoods with a relaxed and chilled atmosphere where you can mingle with the locals and feel as if you are going about your daily life like a native. We strolled through Nine Streets where all the chic boutiques and quaint little cafes, chocolate stores as well as luxury boutique hotels. Exploring Jordaan, Oud-West, Nieuwezijds, Oudezijds and Grachengordel and sampling many a Netherland delicacy like the Bitterballen(deep-fried breadcrumb-covered balls with creamy meat-ragout filling) and Poffertjes(little Dutch pancakes). With this post, I thought I would give you a little visual diary from our weekend in Amsterdam. I thought I was going to provide a separate review of our hotel in Amsterdam but thought best to include some of the pictures from our hotel in the visual diary. For more details on things to see and do in Amsterdam refer to my other posts linked above. 

3 May 2015

Tasteful Experiences | Explore London By Boat

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As Londoners there are many things we take for granted because they are always there, but I tell you there is always an element excitement when you see London from a different angle, say for a boat. When the folks at Tinggly invited my boyfriend and I for a cruise on the Thames we jumped at the chance to explore London by boat. A table by the window guaranteeing uninterrupted views of London's best London marks, gourmet food and wine glasses refilled without even noticing. How would say no to that?

The cruise starts off at Westminster pier and flows through Central London's 2,000 year old river, providing commentary of much of the London's weird and wonderful history from years past to present day. These tours would seem like something only tourists are up for but even a Londoner is bound to appreciate a romantic break on the waters, whether its a first date or anniversary that doesn't involve a plan ride, in addition to learning something new about the city. Taking to the waters is one of my favourite things to do in the city. You can check out my other post on London's Little Venice.

We whiled away the tour passing through, Waterloo Bridge, Blackfriars Bridge and its over-the-river platform, Millennium Bridge with views of St Paul's and Tate Modern and headed for the beautiful bridge with views of Castle of London, Shard and the many skyscrapers of the financial district before cruising to Greenwich. The weather on the day was not great but such is life in London, but fine dining, stunning backdrop to many of the city's tourist attractions and relaxed environment you immediately forget about London's lack of sunshine. The tours run a couple of times a drive with a variety of offerings. Tinggly find the most inspiring experiences around the world and let you share them as gifts for you and loved ones. Head to Tinggly for more details about the cruise as well as more experiences ranging from touring Russia Palaces, walking with Monks in Nepal to zip lining through rain forests, Safaris in African national parks and so much more.