2 December 2015

Travel Highlights For December

Hello December! 

My goodness hasn't this year just flown by? We are in December and I am super excited to have 3 count downs this month; Christmas countdown,  birthday countdown(Capricorn checking in!) and travel countdown! Whats different about this year's Christmas though is that it won't be a Christmas in London. Yes, for decades I have spent my Christmases at home with family but this year for a little birthday treat I am travelling through Asia for 20 days. I will be covering 4 countries in Asia and 2 in Europe. I will be announcing my destinations next week so stay tuned for that.

Next week I will be sharing pictures of Taj Mahal and Humayun's Tomb finally. I edited the pictures and saved them on my external hard drive and then managed to drop the hard drive a couple of time so it stopped working. My pictures together with other valuable documentation are with PC World, who for £360 are taking their sweet time to fix my hard drive. I would have thought paying that much would have bought me a quick service but it appears not. So all the pictures that I had edited from this year's trips I am now going to have to re-edit again. Shame, because I was hoping to just make quick easy posts as I had all the pictures ready but now have to do that again...

Anyway, I am excited to be spending Christmas in the sun this year, but also gutted I won't be spending it with my new baby nephew, who is just as cute as a button, when he is not screaming the place down at 2am in the morning. My sister is thanking her lucky stars his sleeping patterns are starting to normalise.

So what are your Christmas plans this year,  travelling, heading back home from travels or just chilling at home from a busy year?

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