16 December 2015

10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Travellers

A couple of days ago I shared my itinerary for my travels around Asia this December. As I am travelling around the Christmas period it got me thinking about some of the gifts that would make life easier for a traveller such as me and perhaps you too. I have tried so hard to bring this down to just 10 gift ideas the traveller. Otherwise this post would never have appeared with my ever growing million and one things I would like to add. So here goes:

Travellers Gift Guide: 1 - 3

I have been wanting a drone with camera for a while now but was debating whether to buy it and just before blowing a ton on pending travels. Imagine those awesome aerial shots you could take of Macchu Picchu, Angkor Wat Temples or Mayan Ruins with the DJI Phantom 2 Drone(Compatible with GoPro). When you think of those taking such pictures having such a gadget almost starts to look as essential as having a passport. Long haul travel conjures up ideas of having to find worthy entertainment. Whether this by way of music or movies on your iPad then you need a good pair of headphones. I love Bang and Olufsen products and also love the with the BEOPlay H6 you can plug a second pair of headphones so two people can listen to the same music or movie without too much hustle.

My third item on the Christmas gift guide for the traveller is the Go Pro. Show me a traveller that doesn't have a Go Pro of these these days (*raises hand up)? Up until recently that is, I didn't have one myself but have been dying to get one. Thank goodness my boyfriend came to the rescue bought me one just before we took for Asia. Here's to some underwater shoots!

Travellers Gift Guide: 4

With number four I totally realise this is one expensive carry one for most budgets but as we are talking Christmas gifts bear in mind that you are allowed to dream as big as you want at this time of year. Hopefully the Santa working in your post code can allocate enough of a budget for your lofty dreams. You don't ask, you don't get. I just love the Ebby Rane Quartermaster. You don't have to buy all the little bags to separate your items as it comes with it. Making travelling with a carry-on alone that much easier.

Travellers Gift Guide: 5 - 6

As a traveller I am sure you travel with a million gadgets. Mobile phone, iPad, Cameras, laptop and whatever else you can carry without before breaking your back. One less thing to worry about is your mobile phone battery dying out when carrying the Portable Power Bank, which allows you to charge a few gadgets at once. I love that it also doesn't break the bank either.

The Osprey wheeled backpack bag is another favourite not he list if you love travelling with a carry-on. Bonus is that its also a backpack as well as hold-all you can drag around when your back just can't take any more.

Travellers Gift Guide: 7-8

With the million and one gadgets we all seem to carry this days and the cables they all come with, who would want a little bag to help you organise it all? Yep, I could really use the ButterFox Accessory Organiser in my life, right about now. I have added number 8, although I am in a love-hate relationship with the MyPassport hard drive. I recently broke my new MyPassport hard drive after it drop 3 times I might add. It stopped working shortly after saving my newly edited pictures from India, Greece, and Rome. I took it to Currys Digital who I paid £360 at the end of October to transfer my files to another one but it seems paying close to £400 doesn't exactly buy you quick service either. I am now travelling in December and have yet to receive the hard drive. Other than this glitch I have always loved MyPassport Hard Drive so perhaps it could be that they have changed parts and are now using cheap parts on the inside? Either way as a traveller you take a million and one pictures and having a back up of all your pictures is ALWAYS a good idea.

Travellers Gift Guide: 9

I think number 9 speaks for itself. I love multi purpose items and if they have an easy way to carry them, then even better. Who wouldn't want this Loki jacket?

Travellers Gift Guide: 10 - Wearable Luggage!

With airlines going out of their way to charge for any and everything. Excess luggage fees are one of those annoying things about travel when you want to pack as much as you can by know you cannot unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount on added fees. This is where wearable luggage comes in.  The Bagket jacket isn't too bad. Now if someone can find me an even stylish even then I will "love you long time".

So what's on your wish list this Christmas?


  1. Love this list! There's a few items I already added to my amazon wishlist. I can't find the backpack with wheels though. Do you have a direct link?

    1. I have updated the link but here are all their whiled backpacks -http://www.ospreypacks.com/en/segmentation/wheeled_bags

  2. What a great git guide! thanks for sharing!


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  4. I would love a GoPro, I can't believe the quality of the images you can get from such a small camera. I also love the idea of the electronics organiser, it's so easy to get everything tangled up when you're travelling.

    Scottish Outlander

  5. I would love a GoPro, I can't believe the quality of the images you can get from such a small camera. I also love the idea of the electronics organiser, it's so easy to get everything tangled up when you're travelling.

    Scottish Outlander

    1. You should definitely get one. I was so stunned by the quality when I got back from my holiday, looking at the video and images I too with it. Yes, even the underwater sound is just brilliant on the GoPro.

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