2 November 2015

Travel Highlights For November

I have been sharing some pictures on my Instagram recently from my summer trip to Greece but haven't actually had a lot of posts about my time in Athens and Santorini. I did, however manage to share with you some of Santorini's best beaches. This month I will be sharing with you pictures from a day of sailing around Santorini, views of Athens from the Acropolis, more pictures from exploring the temples and tombs in India. 

I was meant to share with you pictures from my hiking in Wales last month but didn't manage to do that between travelling back to Spain, planning to Paris for November, a birthday trip around Christmas and working! So you will get to see the beautiful heights we took in Snowdonia National Park this month, I promise!

Last month I had a special collaboration with bloggers to bring you the Word On The Street Travel Series, local guides to cities such as Cusco, Sydney, Perth and Scottsdales. This month the collaboration is based on getting travel-ready. We are talking beauty, style and packing in a Jet-Set Ready Series with 4 bloggers answering questions on how they get ready for vacations. Unlike the previous series which ran once a week, this will run over a course of a week. With one post every other day(Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday). Starting Monday 9th November. So make sure you follow on Facebook and Bloglovin(links to the right) to have notification by email as soon as the posts publish.

I am also heading to the World Travel Market in London Monday and Tuesday(2-3 Nov) so follow via Instagram and Facebook to see what I am getting up to at the event.

Here's to an exciting new month!

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  1. Nice post! Would love to visit greece one day



    1. Thanks! You definitely should visit Greece! Its beautiful. Especially when the weather is on your side.