9 November 2015

Travel and Beauty | Jet Set Ready With...British Belle

Deanna, aka The British Belle opens the 'Jet Set Ready With...' series that will feature four bloggers this week(Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). "A British born with an American heart", she is a History graduate that sees life as one big adventure. I asked Deanna and 3 other bloggers how they get ready for holidays, whether weekend getaways or long vacations. Below is an insight into how Deanna gets Jet Set Ready!  

I hope you enjoy the series this week. I  can't wait to share the rest of the other blogger's travel beauty and style tips this week. Links to her blog and Instagram are below. Enjoy!

1. How do you get ready for a  holiday?

I have a couple different things I like to do to get holiday ready. Looking the best I can is so important to me. I like to feel confident and proud of myself, my body and my personality. Ballet is a huge passion of mine, as is going to the gym, it really helps me de-stress. Working out and eating well before I go on holiday is something that is super conscious in my mind. I want to look amazing! Relaxing is really important too, travelling and holidays can be stressful to prepare for. I’ll do some holiday shopping a week or so before I’m due to fly to get what I need, and book my beauty treatments so I’m not rushing around. Who doesn’t love shopping and being pampered? It’s like the holiday has started early!

2. What's your beauty routine before a flight?

About a week before, I will get my hair cut/coloured so that it has time to settle in, I get my hair bleached and the sun can damage this, or the pool water can make it funny if you’re not careful where you go. Then about two to three days before I go, I’ll get my nails done, my eyebrows and fake tan. Tan?! Yes! I want to go looking like bronze goddess, not my usual pale blotchy colour. The night before I’ll always do a face mask, Lush are my favourite.

3. What's your go to fragrance for your getaway?

Rebel Fluer by Rhianna. It’s very fruity and smells like summer time and sunshine, It puts me in a really happy, excited mood!

4. What's your favorite beauty treatment?

Absolutely getting my nails done! I adore my acrylic nails, I don’t have them too long. But the uniformity of having my nails all the same shape and length is just too pretty to deny. It’s oddly relaxing, and so much fun if you go with friends.  

5. Do you do anything extra to get beach ready?

I do up the amount I workout a bit, I might take only one rest day instead of two, and incorporate more cardio and toning exercises. I’ll also try and avoid any naughty treats (save them for holiday!) and eat as clean as possible. 

6. Do you have a beauty regime for looking refreshed after a long haul flight? 

This one I’ve become quite good at! My fiance lives all the way in America so I make the really long 11-hour journey regularly. I go without a scrap of makeup on, don’t even entertain the idea of putting your skin through that torture, just don’t. During the flight I’ll slather on some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, absolutely everywhere. It’s thick and locks in moisture, protecting my face and lips from the awful dry air on the plane. A face mask doesn’t hurt either! Sometimes I don’t bother with one, you can look crazy with gloopy green stuff all over your skin. When I land I’ll use my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, tone my skin, and pop on some rich moisturiser. For these steps I’ll use whatever mini samples I’ve got at home, they’re perfect for travelling! If I’m seeing my fiance after I land I’ll also pop on my Mac concealer, fill my brows and add a coat or two of They’re Real by Benefit. It helps me look awake! To finish off I always spritz my Mac Studio Finish.
7. Have you discovered any beauty treatments/brands on your travels that you have now incorporated into your beauty routine or lifestyle?
I discovered GlamGlow and EOS lipbalms in Sephora about two years ago when I first flew to the states. Obsessed isn’t even the word, I’m so glad they’re somewhat available in the UK now. 

8. Does your skin care routine change for different seasons or areas around the world you are  traveling to?

Yes! I go to Maine often and it’s bitterly cold in the winter! I have sensitive skin, bleached hair and psoriasis. Nightmare! I use hair masks in place of conditioner when I travel there, the cold really sucks my hair dry and leaves it looking dead if I’m not careful. I only wash my hair two to three times a week, so using a mask isn’t too much! As for skin care, I will use a rich body butter daily- I love Soap and Glory or Body Shop.

9. What has been your go-to style while travelling?

Bold! It’s a new environment, beautiful scenery and chance to be whoever you want to be! I’ve found I’m very daring whilst on Holiday, it’s so fun to experiment and enjoy new styles.

10. Any packing tips?

Planning outfits ahead as much as possible is a good idea, as well as making the most of your hand luggage weight allowance, I see some people just taking a tiny bag when they have 15kg allowance. Use it all up!! Rolling clothes stops them creasing too.

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  1. Great post! I always go for a fake tan before holiday it saves the hassle to do it when I get to the hotel. Thanks for sharing xx


    1. Thanks Celia. I am afraid I was born tanned so for me its the nails and massages to get me relaxed and ready for a whole lot more of rest and relaxation when I travel.

  2. What a great idea for a post series. Now that I've got two kids my smooth pre-holiday planning has gone slightly out of the window. But I always get my hair cut and coloured a few days before the get away, and I always pack loads of skincare incl masks plus a few beauty tools - yes, a holiday doesn't put a stop to my ridiculous beauty regime! Tx

    1. Thank you! I need to pack the beauty tools when I go away next month as I am going for a lot longer than my usual vacation this time.

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