5 June 2015

Hotel D'Angeleterre | A Taste of Copenhagen

The first day of our visit to Copenhagen, I had planned on doing one of those free walking tours to get our barrings of the city. We were meant to meet the group at the city hall but when we got there we couldn't find them and after walking around a while it started to rain. By now I could feel myself getting slightly cranky as our flight in was at stupid o'clock. So when we stumbled on to Hotel D'Angeleterre it was basically to find some shelter and get some hot tea down my throat before the crankiness notched up another level.

We were walking towards Nyhavn, but due to the construction site of a metro we couldn't see that we were literary in front of it before calling it quits and ducking into the hotel. I am certainly glad we did, as the food was nothing short of spectacular!  Copenhagen has only handful of Michelin Star restaurants and of those few only Marchal Restaurant at the luxurious Hotel Angeleterre has the prestigious star rating. I could see why after tasting the food. It's spearheaded by Chef Ronny Emborg whose mater creations offer a dramatic culinary experience that you won't forget(I guess hence why there is now a blog post about it). I think it's obvious now that my travels are not just about the sights but food experiences are also a huge part of my travel experience. You can check out my other memorable dinning experiences on The Solent's Spitbank Fort or dining at Edinburgh's Witchery By The Castle.

The food is a French-Nordic mix with unique flavours and exquisitely executed with such passion, from the chef, to the people that serve the food. Well  I think this is the one and only time one can be thankful of being a little cranky, as I would never have walked in and experienced Ronny Emborg's mouth watering creations. You can check out a copy of Ronny Emborg's cookbook with his signature dishes; The Wizard's Cookbook, although I doubt, even with the recipes I would be able to recreate his anything near his ingenious marvels.

Starter: Pickled Asparagus, Smoked Mackerel in a Dill and Olive Sauce  
Main: Pork Belly and Spring Onion Sauce
Dessert: Strawberry Ice-cream with Fresh Strawberries and Smoked Milk


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  2. Everything looks so so delicious! Beautiful shots.

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