19 June 2015

20 Travel Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

They say there is no cure for wanderlust. One you have got the travel bug its with you for life! Certainly is the case for me. With the world as beautiful as it is, it would be crazy not to want to explore as far and wide as possible. If I am not conjuring up my own travel plans you will find me on my Instagram, eye-spying what other travellers are getting up to.
With over 65 million plus in photos uploaded a day, and over 200 million active users its hard to know where to start when it comes to who to follow to get your daily shot of wanderlust kick. Through I should warn you some of these will have you either racing straight to the airport for the next plane out or reaching for your cash card to book your next getaway.

Below are 20 of my favourites that will certainly inspire you to get out and explore.

1.Cant Stay Put

Lauren's wanderlust comes with a dose purposeful travel to inspire and motivate others to see more of the world.

2. Mommy Travels

If you ever need proof that travel doesn't have to stop just because you are now parents then this is a fine example of that.

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3. A travelogue

Husband and wife with a goal to see at least a 100 countries, check out the travels so far.

4. Spirited Pursuits

A visual experience and a platform for other travellers and photographers to share there individual perspectives from there travel experiences.

5. The Satori Saga

An illustrator with a great collection of pictures from around the globe.

6. Nomadness Travel Tribe

This is another community that comes together to share stories and pictures from members of the tribe. If you are part of the tribe then you are really part of the family. I love how people come together whatever the situation.

7. TravelNoire

A community of writers and travellers all with goal to travel this world as far and wide in addition to showing people of colour the best many ways of saving money for travel.

A photo posted by Travel Noire (@travelnoire) on

8. Tuula By Jessica Stein

An amazing combination of travel and fashion all coming together one tall mix that is 5'11 Jessica.

9. Passion Passport.

A group of travellers that set up an account to showcase the travel community's most amazing pictures. This is one serious account that will have you infected with the travelbug so make sure immunised yourself and keep your bank card away from you at all times when viewing this gallery.

10. Cucina Digitale

If you have been to or love Italy then you will love it even more with this gallery.

11. Matt

Beautifully curated and captured shots from travels, all in the name of living and learning. What could inspire you more?

A photo posted by @mattbg on

12. Lucy Lauch

 A Brit in New York with gallery of beautiful shots taken from around the world.

13. Hirozzzz

A photographer with an affinity for travel, you know you are in for an eye-watering beauty of a gallery.

A photo posted by Hiroaki Fukuda (@hirozzzz) on

14. Flirting With The Globe

Working full time doesn't have to come in the way of travel. Check out this full-time attorney, part-time adventuress.

15. Travel Drink Dine

An explorer that goes beyond whats within reach for the typical tourist.

16. Wanderlust  Megan

Self confessed adrenaline junkie. The gallery speaks for itself. 

17. The Travel Bunny

Who knew bunnies can travel, this one certainly does. Check out her colourful captures from worldly wanders.

18. Reflections Enroute

A couple that travels together stays together as seen in these collectors of memories with each shot taken from around the world.

19. Raasta2014

When the whole family has travel-itis then you know there are adventures to be had.

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20. Traveler Addicts

A serious case of travel addiction with food added makes of a deadly combination of insatiable 
appetite for not seen in explorers that have come before these two.

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  1. I follow some of them, thank you for the inspiration. xo


  2. Thank you for showing me this amazing accounts. Now, I really want to travel and see the world!