26 May 2015

5 Packing Tips For A Summer Getaway

Sun and relaxation are the perfect combination for that "ahhh" moment and if that also includes sand, sea or pool then all better for it. Although the weather in London may not be playing ball, my imagination as we head into summer months has already started conjuring pictures of sunnier dispositions with outstanding natural beauty where you can exclusively enjoy surroundings without too much effort. 

Feeling a little inspired with my ideas of escapism centered around idyllic spots in which one can relax in peace, feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin, breathing in fresh air away from the city's polluted hustle and bustle. What better way to inspire you too, to get into the vibe of summer than   to share my packing tips for a little getaway. As I have been dreaming about getting away to the beaches of Madagascar for a little dream vacation I thought I would theme the post around that. Think unspoilt beaches with no soul  in sight.  Just you, pristine white sand and the most beautiful aquamarine whats you have ever laid your eyes on. I will be sharing 20 of Africa's best beaches in my next post so look out for that. Just as well that Bon Marché are offering one lucky person £3000 towards their dream vacation. So keep your fingers crossed for me - unless you want to enter for yourself, then pop over to Bon Marché's competition to win an amazing holiday worth £3000.

Whether you are headed straight for the beach or relaxation retreat below are my tips on packing. These can be used whether heading for a weekend or longer trip.

1. Pool/Beach Bound - Swimsuit.

Hat, sunglasses, swimsuit and beach bag by Bon Marche (hat re-customised by me)

Comfort is everything! So make sure you have a comfortable swimsuit that makes you feel like a superstar. It doesn't matter what size you are, my rule is that if it doesn't make you feel like a sexy kitten when you catch yourself in the mirror then you continue looking. There is a swimsuit for very shape, size, height. So get your summer sexy on!

2. Pack Light.

The main objective is relaxation so bring less junk to distract you on this objective. A swimsuit, sunglasses, cute sandals, and maybe a sarong to sashay around plus a few lounge pieces: shorts, vests, tunics.

3. Beauty Bee.

So you have found the perfect swimsuit and are packing light, that sexy kitten needs to be primed with protection! Cancer does not discriminate, so whether black, white or your shade is somewhere in between, always stay protected. So make sure you keep your skin moisturised and put that sun protection on plus a hat and glasses too.

4. Effortless Separates for Night and Day Coverage

Make sure you also pack some light items that will take your poolside look to a quintessential chic for evening dining. A few effortless separates for easy mixing and matching means that won't have to pack everything but the kitchen sink.  This can be a form of simple shirt dress, or shorts with a little tunic and pencil skirt and a vest or a statement jumpsuit you can ware as casual or smart for day or night looks.

5. Make Me Sparkle

Besides having a soft spot for chocolate my other weakness is all that glitters. Whether small or delicate or super large statement pieces an outfit is not complete without a bit of sparkle. So pack some items to take your look from simple to glam, boho or polished in as quick as a few stacked bracelets or statement ring or necklace. Packing a few accessories when you only pack a few clothing items can also help change up your look without having to  pack all your clothes just for a change of outfit.

So those are my tips for an easy, breezy pack-and-go, where your packing is as hustle free as possible before take off. The result? Simple, coordinated ensemble whether you are venturing onto a beach escape or poolside retreat.

Also make sure you enter the competition above to be in with a chance of escaping on your dream vacation. Look out for my next post on Africa's beaches if you need inspiration on how to spend your summer this year.


  1. Great post! I never pack light at all! x

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    Good vibes Fox

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