27 April 2015

Bucket List | Top 3 Destination Challenge

I have been meaning to do a post on My Top 30 Bucket List destinations, but have now got a challenge to narrow that down to 3. Yep, Three!! I thought to myself, how tough can that by? Well it was hard actually. I have been salivating over flights to Sao Paulo, Panama City, Sydney, Zanzibar, Iceland, Chile's Patagonia and Tokyo lately. Yep, you read that correctly, salivating! Considering my blog is mainly about travel so that should not really come as a surprise you at all, a little weird though I am sure. So with an ever growing list, I am now starting to face an ever tough challenge of not only stretching my 25 days annual leave but also stretching that budget to travel even more in ticking off destinations in with my growing need(diagnosis: wanderlust overdrive) to immerse heart and soul into travel to fully satisfy the itchy feet.

This years destinations already include Denmark, Greece, Australia and Panama so these will already come off the bucket list soon. Phew! Last year I got to visit Jerusalem and float in the Dead Sea on top of diving into Zambia's Devils Pool, doing a safari in Botswana and sandboarding in Nambia's dunes so those are safely off the list. So then what of the 3 places I am narrowing my list of 30 down to? The folks at Transun have challenged bloggers to narrow this list down to 3, so here goes:

1 Northern Lights - Polar Aurorae

I hate the cold but would absolutely suck it up and cover up in all kinds of layers just to be able to see this magical sight and one of nature's beautiful gifts to this world, that is the Arctic Circle's Aurora Borealis. So mysterious, ethereal, colourful in the way the night sky is lit up in the shifting and wonderous glow   of colour with hypnotic effect. Who wouldnt want to witness such a sight?


2 India's Taj Mahal

The ultimate love story. Who wouldnt want to have a building built in their honor. Taj Mahal was built as a final resting place for Mumtaz Mahal, the second wife and favourite wife of Emperor Shah Jahan who died after giving birth to their fourteenth child. We never read much about their love story as we are always entrenched into the tragic ending of the story. These two had a loving and beautiful relationship, albert Mumtaz shared this man with other wives, but among them she was one known for her grace and beauty and  was a trusted companion when Shah Jahan went on his travels. This has long been on my bucket list to be able to watch the sun rise over the Taj.


3 Meet Christ The Redeemer

I have been dreaming about Brazil for far too long now. Wanderlusting littered with samba dancing my way to the beaches of Ipanema as I work  my way towards Corcovado. This is the mountain in Rio de Janeiro where Christ The Redeemer stands. The 710 meter peak where Christ The Redeemer sits and watches over the city also has awe inspiring views. This 30 meter statue has now become a symbol of Brazil and the faith followed by the people in the country. I have yet to visit South America, but I am keen to have Brazil christen my first visit on  to that continent.


So, what would be your ultimate top 3 bucketlist right this moment if you had to choose? Comment below.


  1. I just went to Panama in February. It was so much fun and a beautiful country! I did a blog post about the Pearl Islands if your interested.

    1. Definitely going to check your post out.

  2. The Northern Lights!! I was in Alaska over Thanksgiving last year and just KNEW I was going to check this off of my bucket list!! Unfortunately, it was super overcast the entire time and it just didn't happen. Bummer. Just another reason to go back!

  3. These are definitely on my list too!! I hope I can earn some money soon and fly away to this dreamy destinations!