30 April 2015

City of Canals | Where To Brunch In Amsterdam

Strolling around the city of canals, its so easy to forget the history of this beautiful city.  Amsterdam started off as small settlements along the rivers and soon after built dam across river Ij and Amstel. Today this is the centre of the city. While exploring the city one must for not only tourist but locals too, is chillaxing in the many cafes strewn across the capital. What better way to spend the day than meetups over coffee while people watching? Below are a few of my top spots for brunching in Amsterdam.

27 April 2015

Bucket List | Top 3 Destination Challenge

I have been meaning to do a post on My Top 30 Bucket List destinations, but have now got a challenge to narrow that down to 3. Yep, Three!! I thought to myself, how tough can that by? Well it was hard actually. I have been salivating over flights to Sao Paulo, Panama City, Sydney, Zanzibar, Iceland, Chile's Patagonia and Tokyo lately. Yep, you read that correctly, salivating! Considering my blog is mainly about travel so that should not really come as a surprise you at all, a little weird though I am sure. So with an ever growing list, I am now starting to face an ever tough challenge of not only stretching my 25 days annual leave but also stretching that budget to travel even more in ticking off destinations in with my growing need(diagnosis: wanderlust overdrive) to immerse heart and soul into travel to fully satisfy the itchy feet.

This years destinations already include Denmark, Greece, Australia and Panama so these will already come off the bucket list soon. Phew! Last year I got to visit Jerusalem and float in the Dead Sea on top of diving into Zambia's Devils Pool, doing a safari in Botswana and sandboarding in Nambia's dunes so those are safely off the list. So then what of the 3 places I am narrowing my list of 30 down to? The folks at Transun have challenged bloggers to narrow this list down to 3, so here goes:

10 April 2015

Somerset House Fashion Shoot | London Instagrammers Meetup

A few  weeks ago I had the pleasure of joining a London meetup with some of the best Instagrammers from London and around the world. Although there were a few of these meetups happening in other cities being in London I couldn't miss this opportunity. With a few workshops to choose from I opted to do the LightRoom editing and Fashion shoot although there were others involving shots in London's  coolest underground stations, a tour of East London and plus a few more that have escaped my mind. This was all organised by London together with other profesional photographers who were on hand to give tips on taking the best photographs. We also had models on hand styled by Slow Made  with London's fashion designers the likes of Haizhen Wang, Moxham, Georgia Hardinge. You can check out more  of the pictures from the weekend on Instagram via the hashtag #wwim11_london

I will be doing some free shots with fashion and lifestyle bloggers during the weekends in May and June. If you fashion and lifestyle blogger or if you are a stylist wanting to build your portfolio then email me with a link to your blog if you would like to join these sessions. These will all be held in and around London.

Below are some of my shots from the Fashion shoot at Somerset House.

6 April 2015

Going Beyond Victoria Falls | 14 Lesser Known Zambia Waterfalls

I will break up my current series of posts on Namibia with a little trip back to Zambia. One of the 7 wonders of the world and the largest falling sheet of water is of course in my home country;  Zambia. Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful sites you will ever lay your eyes one. The whole world knows it by the name of Victoria Falls, but that's not its original name. One that locals from either side of the falls use, whether you are visiting from the Zambian or Zimbabwean side. This beautiful natural wonder is referred to by its original name of Mosi-ya-Tunya. This translates to "Smoke that Thunders". If you visit while it's in full force from the rain season you will understand where that name might have come from, as the smoke(mist) created from the sheer force of flow can be seen sometimes 30 miles away. With this mist, sometimes I would recommend seeing Victoria falls mid season or towards the rain season. This is because the visibility is poor with all the mist in the air. Not to mention  you will get drenched!