20 February 2015

London At Sunset | 5 Top Places You Can See the London Skyline for Free

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So many times we see pictures of sunsets in exotic places and those beautiful sunset shots taken on the beach somewhere that evoke that "wish you where here" type of feeling. Funny how sometimes we can experience similar sunsets and never truly appreciate them until, well you see them up high.

We all take for granted things that are only a stone's throw in our cities. At the end of 2014 I though it was time to suck it up and explore places I have come to label as tourist traps. One such place I have avoided in all my 20+ years of living in London is St Paul's Cathedral. I have seen this place daily while washing dishes at home(view from the kitchen window) and have now moved to a new flat(2 years, not so new!), I have an even prettier view from my root top of the whole city in all its Panorama. I thought, I could not end 2014 without stepping foot inside the Cathedral.  Considering, churches, temples, and religious buildings are among the first places I want to see when I travel and here I was, having ignored this beautiful treasures in my own city. Pure blasphemy!

Having managed to finally go inside Tower Castle after ignoring it for the same reasons I mentioned above. I wanted to complete 2014 by appreciating a little more of my home front treasures. I was not disappointed too! The inside of the building is beautiful. From the murals in the whispering gallery to the ornate and gold detailing in the choir gallery. My other reason for going was off course for the sunset! This wasnt something that was planned for a particular day but I wanted to go when the sun was out in London(for anyone that has been to London, you know how elusive the sun can be).

Forgetting my annoyance at paying a ridiculous sum to get in, it was onwards and upwards as we climbed(breathlessly) to the top for the views of the city...tell me that Sunset isn't awe-inspiring?

So, is there any part of the city  where you are currently living are you hoping to rediscover or now seeing in a whole new light?

5 Top Places To Catch The Sunset in London

1. London Eye - Paid entrance
2.  Sky Garden at the Walkie Talkie - Paid (you book to eat at the restaurants) and free entrance tickets available via their website, although there is a waiting time if you are particular about dates you can go. Will be sharing pictures of this soon.
3. One Change Root Top Terrace - Free entrance
4. The Shard - Paid entrance
5. St Pauls Cathedral  - Paid entrance as you have access to the cathedral and audio tour. Shots below were all taken from one  of the open  galleries at the top  of the cathedral.

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  1. wow amazing views indeed! Looking forward to visit the sky gardens and the shard!

  2. Wow these are some amazing shots and resolutions.

  3. London is definitely a city I want to visit someday, and now I want to see the sunset there too!

    1. Yep, providing its not raining it has some amazing vantage points to catch the sun as it disappears behind some of the city's best sky scrappers.

  4. Love the pictures and I love London, it's a great city! Hopefully I'll be albe to live there one day! :D

  5. Thanks for this for a visiting place!


  6. Beautiful sunset pics! I've never heard of the One New Change terrace - will have to check it out when I'm in London! I don't know how it is for sunset, but the cafe on the top floor of the Tate Modern has a really pretty view of the Millennium bridge and St. Paul's.

    1. Yep. That offers great views of St Pauls but you cannot see much of London's Skyline from there. New Change is literary next to St Pauls - the New Change Mall next to the cathedral is where you can find the other spot for a sunset with good views around London too.

  7. These pictures are lovely! Love London!

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  8. Oh, when I look at these pictures I have the need to visit London as soon as possible again. Great pictures!

  9. Wow - all these photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! Beautiful :)

    Layla xx


  10. Amazing pictures and thanks for sharing. I will have to keep these locations in mind.

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  11. What gorgeous sunsets! I literally love all of them


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  12. Amazing pics, I enjoy taking them on the bridges, especially sundown!