21 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello, 2015! Yes, I do realise we are well near the end of the first month of the year and I havent posted anything. That's due to sorting some stuff out at work and just trying to just explore without turning everything into a blog post. So if things are quiet on the blog you can always find me on my Instagram or Facebookwhich hope you are following by the way.

I hope your year has got off to a great start. I certainly hope you will have more travel in 2015, because this world is meant for exploring and not just sitting in one place. I hope you are up for some inspiration because this year will be packed with plenty! 

I shall soon be posting my collaboration with fellow bloggers where we will be spearing you on to take some much needed weekend breaks around Europe. I was going to share my travel plans this month but as that's not set in stone just yet, because I am renewing my passport so I can't book anything until I have it back in my hands. I will however be sharing my travel plans by way of my Bucketlist. This includes places that I will be visiting this year and will confirm deets soon! 

Last year I had the pleasure of heading home for a bit, and managed to also visit Namibia and Botswana. So look forward to those pictures plus more from Zambia too. You can also expect to see more posts on London with tips on where to eat and explore(away from the tourist traps!) Last and by no means least, my pictures from ROME will finally make it on the blog. A year late, from when I said I would publish them...Blame it on my wanderlusting! If I dont post pictures of a trip a good 3-6 months after the visit then it goes on the back burner, as chances are I would have travelled elsewhere soon after, which increases the blog backlog.

One more thing. There will be lots of inspiration on Africa on the blog this year so if you have not been to Africa(don't just limit yourself to the popular destinations like Morocco and Egypt) then you have no idea what you are missing out on. So make sure you follow along on Bloglovin or Instagram/Facebook(links above or on the side bar) to stay tuned on those posts.

Over and out! :D


  1. I lived in Cairo when I was a kid but other than that I haven't been to Africa. I would love to go though! Look forward to following your adventures. And even though it's already near the end of the month - happy new year!



    1. Thanks! And a happy new year to you too. :D

  2. LOVE your blog! Just came across it tonight. I couldn't agree with you more... "the world is meant for exploring..."

    Every time I've visited Africa has been amazing. I cannot wait to go back. So many countries on my list!!