29 October 2014

Colours of Autumn In Richmond Park

Richmond Park | Colours of Autumn

Autumn is here and what better way to witness this vibrant and colourful season than to take to the English parks. I have done a few posts on my walk in the park series. This past weekend I got together with a few other budding photographers and we took to the lovely Richmond Park. The weather during the week had been grey, dull and uninspiring, although Saturday wasnt anything to sing about, it did brighten up just enough to take in the colours of autumn. I was hoping to also photograph the beautiful deer in Richmond park, I didn't mind so much when they failed to turn up as I had a full rainbow of autumn colours on display. Living in the city or anyone working/keeping house...while also trying to maintain sanity in this ever so hectic and the constant connection to the digital world that is now ingrained in our lifestyle can definitely appreciate some time enjoying the open  spaces  in the parks or countryside. When I do manage to get out to the parks I usually opt for a nice walk with music, book or with neither of these so as to just enjoy the spaces and allow the mind to clear with no distractions. Then there other times I take my camera with me(hence why you get to see pictures here), for me this serves as a little reminder to keep developing my photography and experiment with the settings and make the most of the light and shadows make the outdoor spaces look so delightfully pleasing to the eye. Take in the very things that we take for granted in our day to day and sometimes miss all together because we are too busy existing instead of living. My walk in the park series serve as a reminder to stop existing and start living. I hope they do the same for you too...

27 October 2014

Dreaming of Greece...

Wanderlusting is a serious, serious illness. One that I am not seeking a cure for. I have just come back from a two-week long African holiday, as some of your may have seen my stream of pictures on Instagram and Facebook. I went right in the middle of hot and blazing summer but now that I am back to London, its like being put in a fridge having swapped warm and toasty sunshine, yes the kind of toasty that gets the serotonin juices going. At 35-40oC it was a blissful two weeks and now I am back London is grey, wet and windy,  all wrapped around the leftovers of Hurricane Gonzales. So you can’t blame a girl when she is already day dreaming about a girly trip to sunnier destinations.

24 October 2014

Zambian Heritage | Kabwata Cultural Village

If you are heading over to Zambia don’t just head straight to Livingstone thinking that is all there is to see of the country. Zambia’s capital is beaming with culture and activities to part take in. There are day trips available to Kafue’s river side or exploring the local markets like Soweto market or seeing the bustling in Cairo road. A great tip for Cairo road is to go there on the weekend as the weekdays there is traffic like no other! If you are a lover of retail therapy then head to the malls. What you should not miss out on though, is Kabwata’s Cultural Village. Home to some 70 woodcarvers, basket weavers and artists who showcase their creative spirit in the products they make. This place is not just for tourists, locals in and around Zambia know about this little national treasure. If you are visiting Livingstone many other towns, you will find that you cannot haggle too much with the prices as a lot of those wooden carvings are made here, the buy from here and resell in Livingstone and many other areas on the country.

20 October 2014

Intercontinental | Capital Pleasures In Lusaka

There is a certain allure to the notion of traveling in Africa with many associating Africa with just safaris,  but there is more to this continent than just exploring national parks in search of the big five.  While a safari was certainly on our itinerary, we were going to be exploring the capital's hot spots first before the big 5. To really experience a destination you have to meet the locals, check out their hangouts and that was the main plan for the first few days in the country.  Thats exactly what I had in mind for my travel partner.

Arriving right in the middle of the hot Zambian summer(and month of independence day celebrations - hence the flags) we were immediately welcomed with a cool breeze from the whispers of water flowing from the fountains as we stepped out of the car onto the entrance of Intercontinental.  I planned a 17-day trip around Southern Africa which would cover Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia and involving several modes of transportation. This was also going to be the first time my boyfriend was visiting my home country as the first part of this year was dedicated to introducing me to his home country in Israel, which we explored in much of April.  With our journey through southern African starting in Lusaka, Zambia's capital I opted to book us into Intercontinental Hotel

16 October 2014

Top 10 Things To Do In Edinburgh

Where ever you are in the world, no doubt you would have seen or head about the campaign to keep the Untied Kingdom together with arguments for and against Scotland staying part of the union. Well that argument has now been settled and the people of Scotland said no to independence. A shame in my eyes, but I don't live in Scotland so that vote doesn't count. You can certainly understand why they are all fighting about it, because Scotland and more specifically, Edinburgh is just full of it! Full of amazing sights that is. It's city reeking with historical charm and mystery from every corner you turn. Most attractions are largely based on historic stories and legends, so don't be surprised if within minutes of arriving into the city you see people dressed in custom with a crowd in tow as they lively tell tales of noble men and women that came before them. So where does one even start in a city that's full of it - full of beautiful sights to explore. Don't fret, here are my top 10 things to do in Edinburgh.