28 August 2014

The Witchery By The Castle | Combine Culture With Fine Dining

The Witchery by the Castle

My weekend escape to Edinburgh was filled with long walks around a town that oozes atmosphere and sophistication in its mystery from the history its inherited. Edinburgh like any popular city will have a ton of eating options from your usual globalised eatery brands to the uniquely local. I love a unique dinning experience and have sometimes travelled miles just for the indulgence. Check out my dinning experience on Spitbank Fort -  a man-made island on the Solent.   Living in London, one of the world's most popular cities, when it comes to food, you can get pretty much anything. This applies to Edinburgh too. On this occasion I didn't want the usual eatery I could find any and everywhere. I had my eyes firmly locked on one place. I guess you can say I was bewitched from the moment I found out about it.

23 August 2014

Weekend Escape in Edinburgh

princess street gardens -Edinburgh

Its been quite for a little bit hasn't it?! Sorry for a little bit of the radio silence. That's not for the lack of travelling. Oh no, there is always, always time for a getaway whether a weekend or maybe two. I started another project at work so that's had me on my toes for a little bit while I got up to speed on what we will be doing on the project with the client. In the mean time I certainly hope you enjoyed my photo diary of Hong Kong and my tales of Retail Therapy and  Haggling in China's Guangzhou. All work and no play would make Bee a very dull Bee so of course my busy week work was broken up with a weekend of play in beautiful and weather-challenged Edinburgh. I also took another weekend to hide out on the borders of Somerset and Wiltshire's beautiful countryside yurts. So look out for that post.