29 April 2014

48 Hours in Milan | Visual Diary

48 Hours in Milan | Visual Diary

The city was sunny and warm with smiley locals everywhere we turned. Milan is beautiful and cris-crossed with trams making exploring the city's attractions fairly easy but I still cannot put my finger on why I wasn't too impressed. Perhaps, visiting Lake Garda a few days before might have something to do with it. I was spoiled in the one of Italy's riviera region, with great lake views within a few steps from my hotel. Relaxing surrounds and fresh food and not the kind that i passed up as fresh just to fool tourists.  If you havent been to any of the towns around Lake Garda then you need to contact EasyJet, BA, RyanAir or whichever airline takes your fancy as this place is stunning! Anyway that's my next post.

25 April 2014

Off to Spitbank Fort

So excited to finally be heading to Spitbank Fort. Its a small luxury hotel on a sea fort off the coast of Portsmouth. It only has eight suites inside former gun emplacements, a restaurant, bar and rooftop entertainment area. A private boat trip to the island, champagne reception, private tour of the Spitbank Fort, what more can a girl ask for?

Really excited! I have only been to Portsmouth a handful of times since I moved back to London in 2010. I was originally meant to go for Valentines day but due to the terrible weather we've had in the UK of late the winds had damaged the stairs on the fort so we had to reschedule. Finally that day has come! So I will be spending most of Sunday on an exclusive private island in Portsmouth! 

19 April 2014

Spring Living | Picnic in the Queen's Park

Cherry Blossom trees  - London St James Park - Spring

In light of the much welcomed 4-day weekend during the Easter holidays, my sisters suggested we go for a picnic. This was always going to be tricky to plan considering how unpredictable the weather is in London. Banking on the Sun for Good Friday, we decided to give Spring living a chance and head out to St James's Park. One of London's oldest of the eight Royal Parks and includes The Mall and Horse Guards Parade.

17 April 2014

The Red Sea: Dive in to a magical world

The Red Sea: Dive in to a magical world -Tiran Island Sharm El Sheik
Shipwreck near Tiran
Thinking about at the beautiful blue waters on my recent trip in Israel, I have been reminiscing about my diving in Egypt last September. Not only that, walking around with bare legs also revealed my little diving accident as the scar on my leg have healed but still shop dark patches.

14 April 2014

Seattle | Proposals In The Chinese Room

Smith Tower - Seattle

Wishing for a harmonious marriage in the Chinese Room

While I am sorting through my pictures from the trip to Israel I thought I would share with you pictures from my time in Seattle. Having spent a few days in Seattle I managed to visit the city's main observation towers; the Space Needle, Columbia Centre Sky Deck and the viewing deck of the Smith Tower. I left this place last although the building was right next to my hotel. From what I had read about it, it offered up a lot more charm, with open air views of Seattle. This was by far my favourite building in the city. There is something about it. Modern design considering its been standing for over a 100 years. Built in 1914, at one point the tallest building in the whole of the united states. Also the oldest skyscraper in Seattle but you couldn't tell just by looking at it. Entering the building slowly starts to unravel the old charm within. You are immediately birthed in all that is golden brass.

2 April 2014

Feasting Through East London

Feasting Through East London

Considering that a good 60 percent of my readers are from the USA and around the world so I am always glad to share more about London's hidden gems. Also for those from the UK visiting London. When I travel, as much as I want to see all the popular tourist places, I want to see where the locals hang out, where they eat and where they just chill out. So for this post forget about the London Eye, forget the Shard, Tower Bridge or St Pauls. I am taking you on a tour of East London. Some time I go I shared with you a post about East London's Street Art Tour(here). East London boasts the largest number of artists and art organisation living and working in any capital city in the world. So we are checking out where all the cool kids hang out. Did I also mention there is going to be food?