27 February 2014

Cycling in London

Discussing options at Full City Cycles
I have been trolling bike shops lately as I have had my eye on a few bikes in hope of perhaps replacing my hybrid bike. I would like a simple and light weight road bike(and not those little ones you can fold) as my current one is a touch too heavy and have used it mainly for training for the Wild UK challenge I did last year, which by they way I might be doing again this year. God help me! In the hope of being a little more prepared this year I would like an everyday kind of bike to use in and around London. Easier said than done as cycling in London has been a bit dangerous of late, but glad to see the police ensuring safer ridding these days. So I have been scouting lots of bike shops in search of one bike that I will not want to walk away from. If that doesn't happen I might be having one built to my liking by Full City Cycles.

25 February 2014

Afternoon Tea On The Six

If you have not been to Newcastle then you have no idea what you are missing out on. It seems like its own little country as listening to the Geordie accent totally transports you. Well this past weekend I was literally transported from London to Newcastle. After mingling with travel bloggers and comparing notes over the weekend, Sunday was reserved for a much more relaxed affair. It couldn't have come any better than an invitation to the Six Restaurant on the river banks of the Tyne. Perched up  high on the sixth floor of the Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art. Think Tate Modern in London but this time with less of the sky scrapers to distract you from the endless river views. Mr Awesome and I had the best seats in town with views of the Millennium Bridge, Sage and the beautiful Tyne Bridge. If you read through my travel posts you will know how I go on about architecture so sipping English Breakfast and munching on delicious delights from the magicians in the Six's kitchen, whilst marveling over magnificent engineering outside is heaven on both the lips and the eyes. Jazz music played softly in the background while sipping away, by far the best way to ease into the week. Not to mention being made to feel like royalty as they are so attentive when it comes  to service, my idea of Sunday well spent.

21 February 2014

London Charisma

''When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."-Samuel Johnson''

Outdoor Concert at London Pleasure Gardens

There is always something to do in London,  that it just seems impossible to have seen it all. I came across this video by Alfred Marroquin which showcases London's charisma and charm, I couldn't keep it to myself. London  is not just the touristy hotspots but the people interaction, shopping, the street arts and performers and of course the food. London is one the most captivating cities in the world whether you are a local or a tourist, you cannot help but be mesmerised by the charisma and passion for city living and hanging out with all those that tell stories about very brick and tile that form building blocks for the areas they live in. It doesnt matter if you have lived in London since you were born or whether you have been here 5-10 years, I love that you can walk by the same corner 5-10 times and still be able to discover something new and just the fact that things change so much here even when not expect or required. There are endless hidden treasures. I just love how Alfred captured the essence of this beautiful city, you can help but be a little proud of calling it home...

19 February 2014

Travel Confessions | Burg Kronberg

Travelling between cities in Germany couldn't be easier. Leaving my hotel bed to taxi it to Dusseldorf station at a 5 o'clock arrived with enough time to get some much needed coffee. Met shortly by my friend  who had arrived at the platform complaining of pillow deficiency having hit the snooze one too many times that he woke up at the time his taxi was collecting him from home.

15 February 2014

A walk in the Park | Burgess Park

The winter seems to be lingering around London like its here to stay - I hope not! For a split second I thought the sun come out and quickly put on my boots to get some fresh air. It's been raining none stop lately that when it finally stopped it was really a chance see if there were any buildings still standing after the 100mph winds we have had as well as to take a walk and sample the cool fresh air in one of my favorite parks. Not only because its a short walk from my flat but its peaceful with lush green fields all year round but even better when spring comes in and adds a bit of colour with blooming flowers. Developed as a result of regeneration after this area was badly bombed in World War II. I also delight in that fact that the park - Burgess Park was named after a woman. Not just any woman, the first woman Mayor around these parts. Jessie Burgess was Camberwell's first woman Mayor in 1973.

11 February 2014

Cologne's Love Locks Bridge

Cologne's Love Locks Bridge

"To find someone who will love you for no reason, and to shower that person with reasons, that is the ultimate happiness"

This Friday, Valentines day is upon us once again(its happens every year you know!). In my recent trip to Germany I passed through Cologne and while exploring my friend showed me Cologne's Love Locks Bridge after a visit to Kolner Dome. Germany is not known as a romantic destination so I was taken by surprise seeing all the beautiful locks on the Hohenzollern bridge. It appears the trend from Rome's Milvian Bridge on the Tiber not only reached the Parisian Pont de l'Archevech on the Seine but made its way to Cologne as well. As trains rumble over the Hohenzollern bridge so do thousands of hearts as row after row of padlocks decorate the stretch across the river with messages of love. Various shapes and colours of padlocks all engraved with names and dates of marriages, engagements combined add up to some 40,000+ padlocks hanging on what is now Germany's Love Locks Bridge or perhaps the bridge of love as I call it. Considering the tradition in Cologne only started in 2008 the number of locks left here has grown and to 2 tons in weight, and has been weighing heavily on the hearts of many local officials who questioned how long this tradition can be sustained for. After much protest from lovers in the city they have now decided that it will continue into the foreseeable future.

8 February 2014

Breakfast at Borough Market

Borough Market - London Bridge

Its not every weekend that I would wake up with the sole intention of leaving the flat just to eat breakfast outside. This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my niece. In an attempt to put a little effort into breakfast in the morning I convinced Mr Awesome and my teen niece to get out early and head to Borough Market for Breakfast. It wasn't even 11am and the place was already busy with shoppers and sellers. Considering its only around the corner from me, its a shame I don't go to the market that often.

4 February 2014

DUSSELDORF | City break

DUSSELDORF | City break
I like a bit of a personal touch when it comes to travelling I want to see things like a local but also explore things that locals would normally take for granted. Part of my visit in the Germany weekend city break was going to be guided by a similar face. Remember my post on Berlin? My German buddy and I were re-uniting but this time in his hometown of Dusseldorf. With my list prepared of the sights I was not leaving the land of Oktoberfest without seeing, was only matched by his own local hotspots. Having left cold London at ridiculous 'o'clock and arriving to weather similar to London's  cloudy and dodgy weather I was not going to be deterred by a mere few nimbus grays. On the plus side my stay was to be at the Marriott, habour views check! Walking distance to old town, check! Beautifully lit bridge at my doorstep, with boat trip to see sights on the Rhine, check! Umberalla just in case the London rain has tracked me down, check and check!! Well ''what are you waiting for?! Lets do this!" The words I altered to my friend after dropping my bag in my room.

2 February 2014

Indoor Climbing: Climb On Sister!

Its been a while since I have posted about my climbing. Last weekend I spent most of Saturday on the wall. Mr Awesome and I made day of it as The Reach was hosting the area meeting event with the British Mountaineering Council. The enticing idea of climbing at a discounted price of £6 was too good to miss and they were going to throw in some cake too!  So with my harness on, shoes tightened, belay devices ready, climb on sister.

Fran Brown - Para Climbing Champion | Credit