22 December 2014

Christmas Festivities on London Southbank

Walks on London's Southbank are what grey Sundays in the city are all about. That and the thought of embarking on a mission to check out what this years Christmas markets have brought to me to the River banks on the Thames. The markets have stalls for mulled wine, choocolate kisses, mary-go-rounds, carol singers, dutch pancakes and of course the German sausages! 

Packed but with less tourists than a typical day out on this rather poplar promenade, my boyfriend and I managed to hide out in one of the cafes to get away from the rather cold weather in London at the moment. You can't turn a corner in London without seeing Christmas decorations and Southbank's Festive Christmas market is all decked out and ready to get everyone in the mood to welcome Santa(that's if you still believe the fat man will come through your chimney this Christmas). Below are a few shots I took as I had my camera still hiding out in my  bag from a photography session I had in East London the day before.

I have now have 2 weeks off work over the Christmas  holidays, I am just looking forward to spending time with family and getting all my nieces together for Christmas as I am hosting Christmas dinner for my family this year. We are supposedly meant to get a white Christmas in London this year so we'll see what the weather brings...

I hope you all have a chocolate-filled, wonderful and joyful Christmas with family and loved ones. Happy Holidays!


  1. I love walking along Southbank all year round and with this Christmas decorations it becomes even prettier :)

  2. The carousel is gorgeous and those chocolates look divine.

  3. I can imagine this carrousel as a perfect shooting location =D


    1. It really is! I thought the same thing when I walked around there.

  4. What nice shots!

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  5. lovely photos!
    i'm actually spending my first christmas in london this year, so excited :D

    1. Thats awesome. I hope you enjoy your christmas holidays in London. :D