16 September 2014

Quick Guide To London's Little Venice | Canals, Boat Trips, Restaurants & Tours

Little Venice Boat Tour

A city that has inspired many a romantic poem, paintings, and architecture. Venice is glorious, seductive and timeless in its beauty and appeal. If you manage to avoid the crowds, you can spend a day getting lost in the cultural districts and marvel at historic and charming displays of art that is on offer or you can take to the streets and mingle with Venetians or maybe wine and dine where locals dine. With that picture in mind, if you scale it down a little bit(maybe a lot!) and change destination to London we should have ourselves Little Venice in the midst of a bustling London. 

5 September 2014

Countryside Escapes and Hideaways

British Countryside Escapes and Hideaways - Camping Cottage Yurt

There is something about the countryside air and days spent enjoying the company of friends with rolling countryside views to boot. I would never have thought to have a birthday celebration camping in the wilderness but when my boyfriend's friends suggested a weekend around the fire I raised an eyebrow. Considering my usual posts, camping is not something I do all the time but I am no stranger to a campsite at all. It's just that Birthdays are synonomous with booze filled celebrations and hangovers(that's not a confession by the way), but I was certainly up for a weekend getaway. Having just dodged an Ikea DIY disaster we set off on the two and a half hour drive leaving London's concrete jungle in favour of some RnR with Mother Nature. The weather was set to be on its best behaviour for the weekend which was a deciding factor for me.

2 September 2014

Travel & Fitness | Clever Ways To Stay Healthy On The Road

Travel & Fitness | Clever Ways To Stay Healthy On The Road

Perhaps the folks at Currys spotted some of my home-made fruit juice concoctions on my Instagram because I was invited to a nutritional event a few weeks back.  As much as I love exploring I also love the joy that comes with tasting new food in the places that I explore. Like that gorgeous Scottish Lamb Wellington at the Secret Garden with full-on dangerously delicious dessert or that tour that had me eating my way through London and left the hips in fear of what sort work out would be in order to work it off. Also throw in how my friend and I demolished a cheese cake platter in Berlin's Barcomi. I have tried to make myself believe that calories consumed whilst on holiday or weekend getaways don't actually stick but I tell you, the hips don't lie!