30 July 2014

China | Food, Retail Therapy and Haggling in Guangzhou

Guangzhou - Lonely Planet - China

Guangzhou, is the capital and largest city of the Guangdong province in Southern China. Located on the Pearl river, its apparently the first city most travellers to China visit. It certainly was in my case as I visited while on a break from the hectic explorations of Hong Kong's bustling metropolis. This city is a key national transportation hub and trading port made obvious by the haze of smog that hovers over the  city.  It was originally known as Canton and is the home of Cantonese cuisine. So expect great food but a word of warning to the wise, for those in search authentic Cantonese food bring a fork! Most food spots serve food with chopsticks, which I can't hold to save my life! So I ended up eating with those little ceramic Chinese spoons, which was a cause for a few comedic moments and laughter at my expense in the little restaurants around town. Lessons for my next visit of course, but I came back with lots of chopsticks so I can put in some practice at home.

23 July 2014

Symphony of Lights | Things To Do In Hong Kong

symphony of lights hong kong

Hong Kong is just like London, both cities are just as awake during the night as they are in the day. Hong Kong does not sleep at night. The city is still busy and bustling as if to prepare for the morning and with that, many things to do in Hong Kong, day or night. When morning comes, it's more bustling and when evening approaches yet more bustling - but this time with a  little bright treat! It's just so beautiful and so the exploring continues into the night for more sights to set upon the eyes. In this case the Symphony of Lights!

If you are in Hong Kong there is no double you will one to add this on your list of things to do in Hong Kong. This is Hong Kong's famous symphony of lights; a multimedia light show that comprises of five themes; Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership, and Celebration. These celebrate the diversity, energy, and spirit of Hong Kong. Also named as the 'Worlds largest Permanent Light and Sound Show', while in Hong Kong you cannot miss the lights as the lasers can be seen from miles away. After mingling around the city exploring and eating my weight in food in Kowloon's food district it was time to head down to Victoria Harbor to rest my feet, let my food to settle before dessert and catch the Symphony of Lights show. These are some shots taken from Kowloon looking on Hong Kong Island's light show.

If you have seen the light show, what did you think of it?

17 July 2014

Day Trips From Hong Kong | Exploring Lantau Island With Big Buddha

Lantau Island | Big Buddha & Twelve Divine Generals HK

After days of city living in on HK island and Kowloon it was time to branch out to Outlying Islands. I embarked on a trip to Lantau Island to visit Big Buddha.  Travelling by train to Tung Chung, and with the cable car out of service for maintenance just 24 hrs before my trip, I changed transportation to a coach service at Tung Chung station to reach the Po Lin Monastery and then Big Buddha.  Winding roads form a mountainous backdrop of beautiful lush green valleys. Phoenix Mountain being the highest peak of these mountains stretches to 935 meters high. The second highest peak in Hong Kong but the most popular spot for tourists visiting Lantau Island for climbing in order to view and admire sunrise and sunsets from its peak. Lantau Island is among the 234 islands belonging to Hong Kong SAR with only a few these inhabited. 

11 July 2014

Must Do's In Hong Kong | High Tea At The Ritz Carlton Hotel

Hong Kong: Lunch Date at Ritz Carlton  CAFE 101

I shared with recently my visual diary of my visit to Hong Kong, from exploring Kowloon and Hong Kong Island as well as experiencing Hong Kong's famous Symphony of Lights on Victoria Harbor. I also managed to squeeze in a day trip from Hong Kong to visit Big Buddha on Lantau Island, this is where you will find Big Buddha perched on a mountain. I was in the city to see a friend of mine get married but will I was there I took the time to explore as I was flying solo on this trip. A few days after the wedding I caught up with the bride and groom for afternoon tea in the beautiful Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Stepping out of the car at the hotel you are immediately drenched in stunning views of the Victoria Harbor. Tittering quickly out of the humid to seek refuge in the hotel's air conditioned surroundings. Beautiful and elegantly decorated, Cafe 103, sits on the 103rd floor of the Ritz Carlton. Ritz Carlton is in the International Commerce Centre(ICC) tower and occupies floors 102 to 118. Arriving early I was shown to the table. At this point, I am now 490 meters above sea leave with truly phenomenal views of the city and coastline of Hong Kong and beyond.

5 July 2014

Visual Diary | Discover Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Lunch Date at Ritz Carlton

Have you ever been some where that gave you an ever lasting feeling of joy each time you thing about it or when you hear someone mention the place? Well, Hong Kong gives me those goose bumps each time I think about it. My trip to Hong Kong came about at a time when things just seem to have somehow just clicked. I some how felt at peace with things, achieved some weird and wonderful life balance and abundantly joyful - it's that emotion that is evoked when I think about how I was feeling while I was there and have since attached it to this beautiful city. I had just moved back to London from a stint in Hampshire, I was climbing, happily and forever indulging in endless talks of cool and on-trend techy stuff at work. Embarking on a solo trip to Hong Kong whilst in a state of euphoria made everything I experienced in the city feel that much more special a little surreal. Racing around the airport at 2am when I arrived, next morning I woke up at the Marriott to a view of Victoria Harbour complete with emerald waters, ferries and speed boards bopping up and down the coastline as if for my own amusement.

2 July 2014

Bathing Beauties on Butler's Wharf

Bathing Beauties on Butler's Wharf - london tower bridge

The whole world has been Rio crazy lately, over the football cup in Rio de Janeiro. London is no exception, so you will find lots of excited fans from all around the world celebrating and chanting all around London. Sad that Zambia didn't make it to the cup and my second team(England) was embarrassingly taken down. Well, I guess we can always look on the bright side; both my teams avoided being chewed up by the Suarez biting season.