2 February 2014

Indoor Climbing: Climb On Sister!

Its been a while since I have posted about my climbing. Last weekend I spent most of Saturday on the wall. Mr Awesome and I made day of it as The Reach was hosting the area meeting event with the British Mountaineering Council. The enticing idea of climbing at a discounted price of £6 was too good to miss and they were going to throw in some cake too!  So with my harness on, shoes tightened, belay devices ready, climb on sister.

Fran Brown - Para Climbing Champion | Credit

Okay, so I was not attending solely for the cake, but there was a special lady giving a talk on the day; none other than the World Para Climbing Champion herself. Fran Brown spoke about the difficulties she and other para climbers still have in terms of facilities offered when she is at competitions as well as the difficulties in the grading systems between climbers with varying levels of disabilities. Its still very much inspiring hearing about her story of how she was originally injured and just how far she as come with her climbing considering her accident which had left her paralyzed . Makes me want to up my A-game when it comes to climbing or any goals really. Even with the difficulties that she faces in achieving her climbing and career goals, its that sheer belief and perseverance to keep going which has got her where she is and that's really  impressive.

Its always great reading and hearing first hand inspiring stories about people accomplishing great things. The week before I got to hear a talk by Mike Perham, the youngest person to sail around the world. He showcased an amazing collection of pictures from his journey around the world and all the challenges he had to overcome to make it back home alive! It just goes to show that if you really want something and really believe and are passionate about something, you can achieve it. It doesn't always come easy but believing in yourself is the first step...

The BMC also spoke about the issues in making sure the crags continue to have great accessibility and facilities for climbers and mountaineers, hikers and all those using the these outdoor areas.


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