4 January 2014

Off to Germany!

I am off to Germany today, only for  a few days. Both for business and pleasure. I am attending a conference course for a few days, so I decided to leave a little earlier and make the most of my visit. I will also be visiting Düsseldorf and Cologne before work starts in a few days time in Frankfurt.

I can't wait to feast on German sausages washed down with some good old German beer(I don't drink beer but lets play pretend for a second). As I don't speak much German, other than the word; Dank! My tour guide aka my friend will be playing tour guide and translator for my second visit in Germany. Check out the pictures from my last trip in Berlin last year.

I will update the blog when I return. In the meantime you can keep uptodate via Instagram or check out some of  the sights I will be visiting in the video below:



  1. Oh, goodness, I need some nice trip also so bad, so jealous!

    1. Thankfully this trip was partly work and partly leisure... :D

  2. Hi! Thank you for your comment, hope your trip to Germany was good!

    Àlex Burch

    1. Thanks Alex. It was definitely enjoyable. Check out my recent posts on it.


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