8 January 2014

Inspiration for 2014

2014 is all about Zambia! - Picture of Victoria Falls

I am trying very had not to turn this post into a new years resolutions so here goes...

As much as 2013 had a lot of travel, this year I am trying really hard(and I mean hard) not to book so many trips out of the UK. Its tough when Easyjet are constantly emailing you with sales alerts! I am going to be firm with myself and reduce the number of international trips. It doesn't help my case when I am actually writing this in a hotel room in Kronberg, Germany but my excuse is that I am actually here for work so there!

4 January 2014

Off to Germany!

I am off to Germany today, only for  a few days. Both for business and pleasure. I am attending a conference course for a few days, so I decided to leave a little earlier and make the most of my visit. I will also be visiting Düsseldorf and Cologne before work starts in a few days time in Frankfurt.

1 January 2014

Happy New year!

Lets make 2014 the best year yet....

Wishing you all a successful 2014!!!

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