28 December 2013

Lets Misbehave: An Evening with The Great Gatsby

Quiet streets on the west of London, unbelievably quiet for a Saturday night. It was as if the streets had been cleared for the special occasion. Arriving at Royal Oak, it was windy with a fresh crisp breeze blowing at the rain, enough to make it seem as if the sky was dusting out diamond drops as they glistened in the bright street lamp posts. Midnight blue dress embellished with crystals and sequins, a vintage fur stole on the shoulder adorned with Swarovski brooches completed the look of a bygone era. For this evening, Mr Gatsby was in cahoots with the Candlelight club  in throwing the party of the year. Ending 2013 with a party to remember, by travelling back into time celebrating the year's successes in jazz-filled speakeasy style of the 1920s era.

21 December 2013

Busy Bee: 2013 In Review

Where has the time gone?! Soon to be celebrating year 2 of my blog. I must say I didn't think I would keep it up for this long but certainly difficult to keep up-to-date when working full-time. In a way I started it to document my climbing and travels as a way to really just do something not in anyway related to work. Think work/life balance. This year has gone by so fast. As much as I have been slaving away at work, I have also tried to balance this out by dropping everything, picking up my passport and running off in the direction of the nearest airport!

17 December 2013


This post is a little late as I hoping to publish this as soon as, but work is a little busy at the moment since we are coming towards the end of the year. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a private art gallery viewing organised by the Nigerian Art Society. Having missing the wine and champagne opening 2 days earlier, the curator of the limited availability exhibition offered to give me and 2 guests a tour around the gallery located on the corner of the bustling Waterloo area. Right across from the Old and Young Vic Theatre that is under the artistic direction of Kevin Spacey.

15 December 2013


Mandela statue in London's Parliament Square

Having grown up with Mandela's image at the forefront and witnessing the riotous joy that spread through Zambian streets in 1990 when he was released from prison it is indeed sad that this great and inspirational leader's desperate battle with health issues has been lost. Blessed to live to 95 years, he has helped liberate many people in South Africa. Because of him, his work has presented many people today with opportunities and freedom their mothers and fathers never lived to witness. One man's actions changed the lives of so many, for the better.

11 December 2013

Windsor Castle | A Royal Weekend

You know you are true a Londoner when you stop noticing the rain and just go about your business, but this day was something totally different. Rain, slate and a bit of hail could not go unnoticed on this cold day in Windsor. Having planned to spend part of the weekend in Windsor with the lovely Alissa Marr, it was somewhat too late to cancel plans as I was looking forward to finally seeing Windsor Castle[Yes, I have lived in London for 2 decades and not made the effort to see this place]. Also only just getting the chance to finally post this pictures.

7 December 2013

Hide and Sika

My recent meeting with Maria at a bloggers meetup inspired my trip to seek something for the party season. Maria Milliner  a designer and maker of hand-crafted hats puts her own mark on head accessories with a touch of creative use of textures. Totally different to what I have come across. Hence why I thought a trip to Greenwich was in order. The party season is here and I have been toying with the idea of something different and by different I mean I just want something new! Something not a lot of people will be spotting. Tucked away in the heart of Maritime Greenwich is Sika designs. Founded by Phyllis Taylor. She produces the most vibrant and unique pieces the caress and hold the curves in the most feminine way that can only serve to flatter the body. Made using traditional batik and wax prints with a modern spin. The collections are an explosion of texture, colour and shapes just so pleasing to the eye.

3 December 2013

Southbank Thrills

Long gone are the summer days, gloomy overcast grey clouds have returned like a friend I have not seen in a decade. Darkness is upon London before the afternoon has even turned into evening. In a bid to cheer myself up and forget the about the chill that is slowly undressing the trees bare, Mr Awesome and I were looking through pictures of the trip to Egypt and comparing the unforgiving heat to the hibernation inducing cold in London. Looking through the sun-kissed beaches of Sharm El Sheik was enough to make me miss the scary but thrilling dives in the red sea.