22 November 2013

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan SunSet
Watching the Sun Set - Benton Harbor - Michigan

Pure Michigan - Lakefronts that make the heart sing

In addition to passing through Columbus and Niles while on my recent trip in the USA I also stopped by to visit Michigan City, Niles and Benton Harbor. If you are ever in Michigan, although its a bit out of the way and a bit of a drive but you have got to check out Benton Harbor! Located in the west of Kalmazoo.  A beautiful spot on Lake Michigan to hang out for a while, with miles of sandy beach and on a clear day Chicago lights are visible in the distance. It also has these little swings perched on hill tops or slightly higher ground that give the most amazing views. I could see myself getting lost in a book will swinging the life blues out into the horizon ahead.

16 November 2013

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

While exploring in Seattle I decided on going solo for the afternoon. It was time to see Pike Place Market as it was only a few blocks from the hotel. From the pictures I had seen I was expecting a really lively market with a lot of fresh fish stalls, what I did get was close but not what I had pictured in my mind. It's still a busy and bustling place with more tourists than I would say locals, with some of the biggest fish I have ever come face to face with. A few steps further you are hit with beautiful and fragrant scents of freshly picked flowers with ladies busily arranging bouquets in assortments too pretty to walk away from.