26 October 2013

Sleepless In Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle? Sleep easy with Starbucks hot chocolates on every corner in sight!

Leaving Chicago(read more here) just as the weather was doing a U-turn, it was time to head on to Seattle. My last stop in the 4-state "USA Road-Tripping" adventure. I was warned of the terrible and unpredictable weather in Seattle, I thought to myself, it surely cant be as bad a London?! I prepared for the worst and got the best when I arrived.

22 October 2013

The Windy City | 48 Hours in Chicago

Magnificent Mile Chicago

This is the second instalment to the USA trip blog post. Check out the first one on Ohio's beautiful hiking trails in Logan County and Benton Habour's awesome views here. 

While road tripping around parts of the USA I finally made it to the Windy City of the USA after getting my brother to drive my sister and I. That's Chicago's nickname by the way. Named so, not because the city is windy but apparently because the politicians and city boosters were full of "hot air". They might still have hot air considering all the TV was showing when I was there was related to the government shutdown.

17 October 2013

USA Road Tripping - OH - MI - IN - IL - WA

Back from the USA and still very much jet-lagged from an awesome trip visiting family and friends in the in the land of the free. Passing through 4 states in 2 weeks one would wonder if I was on holiday or some work project or something. Starting with Columbus in Ohio, Niles, Michigan City, Benton Harbor in Michigan, Indianapolis in Indiana, Chicago and ending the trip in Seattle. Phew! Well I was in the land where everything is super size; the cars, homes, malls, food portions so this trip was in need of some serious super sizing! That came by way of covering as much ground as I could manage. Travelling through 3 time zones in the USA alone, no wonder my flight back from Seattle back to London still has me woozy.

Hocking Hills - Logan County - Ohio