28 August 2013

Diving in the Red Sea

The warm breeze filtering through the Yacht as the sun burns on unforgivingly, while divers are are diving in the mysterious blue sea beneath the Yacht in search of the many sea creatures that the Red Sea habours.

Anchored peacefully and bobbing afloat over looking Tiran Island, the sea is calm, fellow divers and snorkelers joyfully drying off the salt sea water off tanned and glowing skin and comparing notes on the fish they have just seen. Sharm El Sheik's beauty attempts to hide the complicated situation and language of bullets that is spoken in Egypt's capital and the popular tourist spot of Alexandria and Cairo.

11 August 2013

AFRIQUE SHOW: Covent Garden Hosts African Fashion Week

Last week I attended the African Summer Festival hosted by the African Center which also coincided with the London African Fashion week.

African Fashion Week London(AFWL) celebrates London's diverse and unique heritage with a mix of Western and African culture. So AFWL showcases Africa's reach and exotic culture interpreted through rich coloured, vibrant, textured  and contemporary designs. The events run across the capital with music performances, fashion catwalks, food stalls all with products from Africa. The main event was held at The Old Truman Brewary in Brick Lane but I managed to catch the show in London's Covent Garden which had catwalk shows musicians and more. Recent years have seen many runways with African inspired designs and still continues to do so today. See below pictures and video of the music from the event I captured last Sunday.

1 August 2013

A Roman Holiday: A Tour Of Rome Through Historical Fountains of Rome

Roman Flow: The Fountains of Rome
Part of the Fountain of Four Rivers

I have been to Italy(read more here) every year for the past 5 years and each time I have been, I can guarantee an Italian mattering the question "eh, you know eh the meaning of this, your name?"(in my best in Italian accent of course). Followed by me tilting my head puppy dog style with a nodd replying with "Si!". For some of you who know even the basics of Italian(or drink white wine?) will know that my name means white in Italian. So when they see a brown girl with this name few of them are somewhat puzzled. Just to balance things out my last name has several meanings one of which is the colour brown so I guess that balances things out. So with each of my visits I kind dance around between pretending not to know the meaning and to declaring that I am aware of the meaning then dusting out my GCSE Italian for little conversation when this question comes, which surprises locals even more(my Italian is not that great but it never fails to amuse).