26 June 2013

Discovering Malta | Gozo and Comino

Discovering Malta | Gozo and Comino azure window

Having recently visited Malta, I am still smittened by the beauty and serenity of the place. There are a 101 great reasons why Malta should be on your list of places to visit or you next holiday. Still unspoilt and with most buildings only two stories high it still has an old feel to it. Its fairly easy getting around Malta and will only set you back 12 Euros for a weekly bus pass which is valid on both Gozo and Malta. The islands are fairly small so there is no real need to rent a car. Malta has seen many invaders and as a result the islands have a rich culture and heritage, evident in almost everything you look at; from the street/town names to the language and food. With many rulers - the makings of an interesting place to tour around. So my reason for wanting to pay the islands a visit once more:

23 June 2013

Top 10 Things To Do In Dubai

Ever heard that phrase “If I had the cash I would…” that’s exactly what summed up Dubai for me. As beautiful as Dubai is, at first glance I was in awe of the scale of modern development to the country and what money has certainly bought the country. My disappointment came in the realisation that in modernising they appeared to have got rid of almost all of what the country is about; the Arabic culture.

When I travel I like to fully immerse myself in the culture of the places I am exploring. In Dubai, everything seemed almost artificial. I love architecture and there is plenty to look at in Dubai but it almost seemed a copy of another building from somewhere around the world. Maybe that was just the jet-lag talking…

20 June 2013

Kleicha: A Gift From Iraq

Its always nice to receive gifts, especially when feeling little under the weather...

One of my friends has just come back for a visit to the UK, all the way from Iraq. With her, a tasty parcel of the sweet stuff. I have a box with Iraq's Kleicha; mini pastries with date filling on the inside. I remember my friend making Iraqi pastries when we were at university in Portsmouth. She used to make a lot of these as well as what I call Arabic mini pizzas - these are an Arabic version. She would pack these up for us so we didn't have to cook during exam session. A life saver when doing all-nighters in the library. I am not sure what they are called in Iraq but the Lebanese version is called Lahm Bl Ajeen. Shown here by Heart n Soul catering.

My Kleicha was freshly baked by my friend's mum and flew all the way from Baghdad to London! My boyfriend has scoffed down a lot of them(Ok! So I helped too:) They are delicious! Below are some pictures of whats left...

9 June 2013

Exploring Zambia

This was featured on the Late rooms Near and Far writting competition.

It’s that time of the year in London when you look outside your window and wonder why summer has decided to take a vacation when you could really use a bit of sunlight. It’s moments like these my memories of Zambia come to the rescue. Even our winter temperatures seem higher than the British summer. So let me take you on a little journey to my home country.

2 June 2013

Encore! Encore!

For the love of music! Play on! 

Still railing from the Sofar Music Festival I attended recently. Held in the rustic, chic warehouse in Battersea London. This was a one-day event taking over a warehouse with a line-up that was only announced on the day. I have attended many a concert but this was an enthralling experience. A warehouse laden with cozy small sofars(hence the title), comfy carpets and cushions. It was all very civilised. Beautiful setting with dim lights, creating a rather intimate feel in a semi packed warehouse.