14 April 2013

Rock Climbing | Peak District

Although the trip the Peak District had been planned for about a month, when the day actually came I was dreading waking up at 5am just to get to the crag for 9am. I was due to meet 3 others at the Reach Climbing Wall in Woolwich because one of our friends had volunteered to drive. I got to the React at 6am but one of the girls was a didn't show up on time and so after waiting for 20 minutes with no word we had to leave. Getting to the crag just after 9.30am it was a surprise to see the girl missing in action at the meeting point pulling up just behind us. She must have been doing a ridiculous speed to have caught up....

7 April 2013

Travel Envy: Five places on my list

This post is part of the Travel Carnival by One Brown Girl on 5 places I have never been to but dying to catch a flight to.

Well I can finally take Rome off that list and wont add Malta, USA and Australia because they will be happening(God willing) next month, September and Christmas-New Year.

4 April 2013

Lean In | A Leap of Faith

This post is long overdue...partly because I have been a little busy with studying for an exam.

One of my very first posts on this blog, I discussed my career goals and some of the Microsoft exams I wanted to do before my two years was up at work. With crazy work schedules and generally being busy I had put off doing the exams. Not because I wasn't studying for them but probably the fear of failing them. As I am now heading towards my two year anniversary(July 2013) I found myself asking 'if not now, then when Bee?' I hate having to re-do exams so in a bid to only do them once it appears I have let a year go by without having done any. Also with the many opportunities the came by it was preferable to gain more experience being on projects within Technical Infrastructure and Application Development. Although this meant I didn't have as much time to allocate to dedicating time to exams, it meant I was gaining valuable experience using the very technology that I was hoping to get certified in.