28 January 2013

A Weekend in Croatia - Friends, Food & Jazz

Zagreb   - A Weekend in Croatia - Friends, Food & Jazz

I am sure you have seen some of my posts here or Youtube videos from concerts I have been to. From Emeli Sandé, Solange Knowles, Beyonce, Allen Stone, Sofar Music Festival(more pictures here and videos here). I can listen to pretty much all genres of music. One of my favuorites is Jazz and I try to make a few performances during Jazz festivals in London. When I was invited to visit my friend in Zagreb, Croatia with the possibility of going to an exclusive Jazz session. I couldn't say YES fast enough.

My friend started off the weekend exploring in Zagreb's Tra Bana Jelcica central Square, which is named after a 19th century military hero proudly guards the town square brandishing sword on a horseback. We walked through the square trying to not get run over by passing trams through the busy square. Zagreb is brimming with beautiful medieval churches, museums and great architecture. Cobbled little streets teeming with little enchanting cafes.

7 January 2013

Weekend In Venice : Gondolas, Grand Canals and Piazzas

Weekend In Venice : Gondolas, Grand Canals and Piazzas

Visiting Venice after reading and drooling at several photos online and in magazines, it was a real treat to finally have a  weekend in Venice. Walked around for hours taking in the sights, ridding on the water boats, seeing the famous Rialto Bridge, San Marco Square, beautifully decorated building(above).

As much as I wanted to ride on the gondolas, for 80, I decided on this occasion it was not to be. Instead I decided pictures will have to do, until next time. Perhaps,  the cost comes because of the lengths you have to go through to get a licence to be a gondolier. Undergoing lots of training, extensive assessments on your knowledge of Venetian history, landmarks and language testing in addition to a practical exam! I took the cheaper option, Varporetto - water buses. For €18, a 12-hour travel card allows you to travel getting around Venice and its surrounding. For more prices see here.

My trip to Venice was a day-trip when I was staying in Verona for a few days. I wish I could have stayed longer as one day is definitely not long enough! You can hope on and off the water buses and check out the places below.