21 December 2013

Busy Bee: 2013 In Review

Where has the time gone?! Soon to be celebrating year 2 of my blog. I must say I didn't think I would keep it up for this long but certainly difficult to keep up-to-date when working full-time. In a way I started it to document my climbing and travels as a way to really just do something not in anyway related to work. Think work/life balance. This year has gone by so fast. As much as I have been slaving away at work, I have also tried to balance this out by dropping everything, picking up my passport and running off in the direction of the nearest airport!

I am so grateful for so many things in 2013. Firstly thank you to all those that stop by and read about my journey; rock climbing, work and travel. Secondly work has been going great! I feel all warm and fuzzy each time I see a few adverts on TV for projects I have been a part of. It feels great to know that applications you have been a part of are used by millions of people around the world. With that in mind I have always believed in giving back, having been inspired by so many people and those that have turned my job into a career. Those that have mentored me and offered words of wisdom and kindness along the journey this year. So, as I couldn't thank you/them enough so I thought I could do for someone else what you/they have done for me by launching a mentoring scheme with colleagues at Avanade for students at University of East London. I will also be doing a talk at Bristol university next year, promoting all of the amazing opportunities available to girls within the IT industry. Each day that goes by, I am reminded that we are only limited by our imagination. Hoping to curry that theme over to 2014.

As much as work is fulfilling, I also like to fulfil my insatiable need to explore places, cultures and people! I managed to squeeze in 6 countries this year. From exploring and riding around in USA's Logan County, Space Needle spotting, measuring wind speed in the Windy City (Chicago), watching the sunset go down on Benton Harbour to dodging sugar laced super size meals while going gaga for the wall to wall isles of shoe warehouse stores. Then came the hiking in the hills of Wales in search of beautiful sea views of Llandundo to climbing in the English Peak District, Cheddar Gorge and Malta. As if that wasn't enough I not only managed to go back to Italy once this year but twice! Visiting Rome at the beginning of the year then heading to see the leaning tower of Pisa[post to come] taking my two nieces and my older sister as an early Christmas present. 

I was also on Gozo Island in May to feast my eyes on the Azure Window before we lose this natural wonder to the seas and celebrate a friend's birthday. My post also featured on EasyJet. Also squeezed in(as one does) a session of rock climbing on the main Island of Malta. Then in the midst of the Egyptian crisis I ignored all warnings and headed to Egypt for 7 days of blissful sun and diving in the red sea. I was hoping to finish off the year in a festive and true travelista style by  jumping on the Eurostar train to Bruges with friends for Christmas markets delights but had to cancel as we had a new addition to the family. Little Adora Bianca. My sister named her after me. Yep! She's going to be a rock-climbing, gadget-loving traveller too, just like her super nutty aunty Bee.

It's also been a year filled with music too, having managed to watch both Beyonce and Solange Knowles in concert in addition to Mary J Belige, John Legend(drooling) and then chilled out at Sofar Festival to name a few. Also danced around in the rain room before it was moved to NYC.

It's been an awesome, challenging and delightful year for me, I hope you've also had great year too. I am so grateful for the freedom to pursue dreams and goals till my heart is content(seems impossible until you get through it). I have so much to look forward to in the coming year. I wish you all a restful and enjoyable Christmas holiday with family and friends! See you all in 2014!!

Some of the pictures from the trips this year...



Happy Holidays...


  1. Wow you've been to some incredible places! I'm glad you're keeping up with it all :)I know it can sometimes be a task ;)
    Happy holidays to you

    1. Thanks Faye. It is tough but worth the effort.

  2. Happy 2014! You had such an eventful year of travel last year, and I'm wishing you more adventures to come.

  3. Wow amazing post !
    I like it so much :)
    Kisses <3


  4. such beautiful photos

  5. Amazing photos! Traveling is something I want to do more of this year...

    1. Thanks Tia, I look forward to viewing pictures from your travels :)