17 December 2013


This post is a little late as I hoping to publish this as soon as, but work is a little busy at the moment since we are coming towards the end of the year. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending a private art gallery viewing organised by the Nigerian Art Society. Having missing the wine and champagne opening 2 days earlier, the curator of the limited availability exhibition offered to give me and 2 guests a tour around the gallery located on the corner of the bustling Waterloo area. Right across from the Old and Young Vic Theatre that is under the artistic direction of Kevin Spacey.

The exhibition is only open until the 21st December, so if you are near London's Waterloo, heard over there and make an evening of it with a visit to London's Embankment for all that is Christmas thrill seeking on the Southbank

The exhibition brings together a collective of UK-based artists, all of Nigeria descent with varying styles in their creative expression. The work exhibited is an explosion of colour and dynamic use of medium, bringing graphic design to the forefront  mixing with African batiks, paintings coming alive with rich texture to create a sense of 3D in canvas images,  lino and wood carved paintings that taunt the eyes in search of the very possibility of putting such material together for the sole purpose of a visual delight. 

Chike Azuonye, the curator and artist, also has some of his paintings at gallery. Vibrant and colourful abstract art. We also talked to Chike about his thought process behind his paintings, his goals and what inspired his creations and that of some of the fellow artists showcasing their work at the gallery. Below are some of the pieces on show. 

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