20 June 2013

Kleicha: A Gift From Iraq

Its always nice to receive gifts, especially when feeling little under the weather...

One of my friends has just come back for a visit to the UK, all the way from Iraq. With her, a tasty parcel of the sweet stuff. I have a box with Iraq's Kleicha; mini pastries with date filling on the inside. I remember my friend making Iraqi pastries when we were at university in Portsmouth. She used to make a lot of these as well as what I call Arabic mini pizzas - these are an Arabic version. She would pack these up for us so we didn't have to cook during exam session. A life saver when doing all-nighters in the library. I am not sure what they are called in Iraq but the Lebanese version is called Lahm Bl Ajeen. Shown here by Heart n Soul catering.

My Kleicha was freshly baked by my friend's mum and flew all the way from Baghdad to London! My boyfriend has scoffed down a lot of them(Ok! So I helped too:) They are delicious! Below are some pictures of whats left...

These are great with tea. I found a great post by on how to make these at home. Check it out here

I have such a crazy sweet tooth! Have you tried these before? Or Baklava?  

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