14 April 2013

Rock Climbing | Peak District

Although the trip the Peak District had been planned for about a month, when the day actually came I was dreading waking up at 5am just to get to the crag for 9am. I was due to meet 3 others at the Reach Climbing Wall in Woolwich because one of our friends had volunteered to drive. I got to the React at 6am but one of the girls was a didn't show up on time and so after waiting for 20 minutes with no word we had to leave. Getting to the crag just after 9.30am it was a surprise to see the girl missing in action at the meeting point pulling up just behind us. She must have been doing a ridiculous speed to have caught up....

The day got off to a good start and it was bright but windy. On the drive up there was a lot of snow piled up on the road sides. In some of the pictures below you can spot the snow by the crag. We managed a bit of climbing, abseiling and gear placement practice on top rope. We definitely didn't get as much climbing done as we did the last time I we went. The weather turned real nasty; windy and raining so it was time to head back to London. I didn't realise just how tired I was until this morning, I had crushed out at 10pm Saturday until 11am this Sunday morning. Pictures below. I am due to go to Portland in Dorset in June so look out for pictures of that. This will most likely be with a bigger group and hopefully more stable and better weather.

Snow still on the crag

Hex placement

An old school cam with metal stem.

It was time to head home when the rain started and the winds got crazy.

So are you into any adventure sports?

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  1. Looks super fun and scary at the same time!

  2. It can be scary sometimes especially when you are trying out new routes...but that's where the fun is :D