31 March 2013

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

I seem to be playing catch up with the few following post as I hadn't had time to write due to work. So for the next few posts I will be updating you with details on my trips to Italy's Rome and Verona and a sisterly trip to Paris. Looking at the pictures from trip to see performance of the Jazz festival in Croatia I am dying to actually do another trip Croatia but this time to Split and the surround islands. Perhaps, I may leave that for next year.

I am also due to go to Egypt August but I think with everything that is going on there I may have to cancel Egypt(yep already paid and booked) and extend my trip to the US in September.

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

So, Stockholm! This was another weekend getaway and I managed to drag one of my friends along for the ride. Stockholm is just a treasure, situated on 14 islands so you don't have to walk far to be right on the waterfront. I actually didn't do that much research or advance planning on this trip. We just worked around town before finding ourselves in the old town of Gamla Stan. Continuing our walk we conveniently stumbled in time to see the changing of guards!

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape change of guards

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

As our flight had come in slightly late the night before I was in real need of some caffeine the following day. Sweden definitely has some of the finest little coffee bars and we managed to find refuge in many little hip shops and cafes. I also just happen to find myself a nice comfortable seat by the window too!

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

The Swedish are well known for their creativity and design so what better way to showcase this than the museums, of which there are plenty! You would probably need a month to actually trail through all of them documenting Swedish influences the style and design philosophy. We also managed to squeeze in a boat tour around the city with its beautiful homes perched on hills.


The city is a myriad of glorious retro, contemporary and modern  designs, from the architecture to decor. They didn't leave anything unturned, they got to the stations too! The T-Centralen is painted in this bright blue with rainbow colours, just extraordinary and vibrant. I guess with the weather in some seasons getting dark from 3pm they sure could use a little brightness.

Centralin Station Sweden Stockholm Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

Been to Stockholm yet?

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