31 March 2013

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

Stockholm Weekend- A Scandinavian Escape

I seem to be playing catch up with the few following post as I hadn't had time to write due to work. So for the next few posts I will be updating you with details on my trips to Italy's Rome and Verona and a sisterly trip to Paris. Looking at the pictures from trip to see performance of the Jazz festival in Croatia I am dying to actually do another trip Croatia but this time to Split and the surround islands. Perhaps, I may leave that for next year.

17 March 2013

Free London | The Rain Room

Finally managed to see the Rain Room at the Barbican in the city. I had read so many reviews about.

If you know Londoners you will know just how obsessed we are about the weather here and as if it doesn’t rain enough outside someone has gone ahead and started the rain indoors. The Random International, an arts collaborative designed an installation of cascading water. The ‘rain’ is programmed to ensure you don’t get went. The installation tracks your movements to halt the rain as you walk around the installation.

With one light source in the gallery making the rain water glisten as you move around altering the rain fall with movement. The key is slow movement as there is a noticeable delay with the systems anticipation of your movements.

With the gallery being small, meant that you have at least an hour’s wait before getting into the Rain Room. The time flew by while conversing over coffee in the queue with my friend. I was amazed at the number of people queuing to getting into the rain shorting after leaving it outside!...It was an delightful experience for sure.

 The Rain Room in Motion

9 March 2013

North Wales: A coastal visit in Llandudno

The following pictures are from a recent trip to North Wales in search of some R&R after rolling off a year-long project at work. Taken in Llandudno, apparently Wales's largest resort. Its absolutely beautiful! We struck luck we were visiting when they had good weather but the temperature drops very quickly when you walk up the beautiful mountains in search of the views.

Although our hotel was on the sea front we actually didn't have a sea view room but still had stunning views of Snowdon in the distance which was iced with snow on the tips.

We were due to visit Joey(pictured below) in Wrexham but couldn't see any decent  hotels in the vicinity so I thought if  we were going to drive 5 hours to Wales I would like the views to start of my morning just right. So we ended up in Llandudno having picked it randomly on the map as it was by the sea front. We got there just before midnight on Saturday, 1st March but could still tell the place was going to have a wow-factor in the morning...Stepping outside the hotel to blue seas on a sunny Sunday, we were not disappointed.

Joey from the Heal The Last Stand

On the way back to London we drove to Wrexham to see Joey, my boyfriend's friend, we were treated to a private musical session. Once Joey starts playing you are immediately hit with goose bumps. The strums were just a real treat! Below is one of the band's videos featuring his sister whose the lead singer of their band, which also includes their younger brother. They have been touring around Europe and the Americas recently.