28 September 2012

Victoria Harbor Views | Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Still pinching myself at the experience I have had in Kong Kong. My humble aboard for the week in Hong Kong was to be the Marriott Hotel on the main island of Hong Kong. Sitting pretty on the north shore of downtown's bustling area. The Marriott guest services start off from the Airport. I quickly located shuttle desk for my hotel at the arrivals exit gate and checked in for the shuttle bus to the hotel.

1 September 2012

Berlin Weekend | Historical Walks and Talks

Berlin Weekend | Historical Walks and Talks bode museum

Arriving  in Berlin on Friday, August bank holiday weekend on a spare of the moment trip to appease a friend who has been bugging me to visit Germany. Landing at Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, an airport that served as an aircraft plant, manufacturing transportation equipment used in world war II. Now the only airport serving East Berlin. A short walk from the airport is the train station linking to city. I was clearly either tired or the dull weather on my arrival made everything seem dark dingy and just rather uninteresting. I guess this must be the result of long hours at work and recent depressing weather in Peterborough.