18 July 2012

London Olympics: Me And My Oyster On A Journey

Leake Street - London Eye/Waterloo Station

Up until recently "Street Art" was called graffiti and was associated with vandalism. A lot of places have now cleaned up the colourful art that used to be in so many places that I spent time in around London. I hadn't been to the newly acquired Old Vic Tunnels until a few weeks ago. Only a stone's throw from where I used to live. The  Old Vic Tunnels is tucked away behind Waterloo station and as the name says, its entrance is via the tunnel that is Leake Street.

As soon as you approach the tunnel you are immediately bathed in this rainbow effect and a burst of colour that you just don't see around London anymore and rather unusual of it being so central. Leake Street and is fantastic splash of colourful Street Art or Graffiti for the old skool, and is right across from the London Eye.

17 July 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Afternoon Tea at Kettners

The rituals of afternoon tea date back to the 1800s when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford scheduled times for tea and snack to keep the hanger pangs at bay. In 2012 the ritual is still as alive as ever, and in one truly elegant surrounding that is Kettners. Tucked away in Romily Street in the heart of theatre land.

Afternoon Tea is one of the most fashionable ways to catch up with friends. On Saturday we set about to do just that, catching up over endless cups of fragrant teas with heavenly scones and sandwiches that would stop any dieter in her tracks. One would normally associate afternoon tea as a ladies thing but Kettners offers an atmosphere of genteel refinement and caters to all. I could have sworn I saw a few raised pinkies over fine china by a few male guests sitting across our table.

8 July 2012

Open The Olympic Games With A Weekend Of Free Music From Around The World

Emirates Cable Cars-  Royal Docks

If you haven't managed to get a ticket to any event at the Olympics, fear not, because help is at hand. If want to see some of the sporting events but not prepared to pay the amount it would cost to send your family for a week in Spain then I may just have some good news for you!