17 April 2012

Is the economic crisis breeding self doubters?

How often do you doubt yourself? Has your self doubt increased as the economy attempts to sink deeper than the Titanic?

Having recently engaged in conversations with various people regarding job security, even those that do have jobs seem to feel as if they are living on the edge. Long gone are the days when companies seemed loyal to long serving employees. It seems redundancy packages are a thing of the past when companies are looking to cut costs in addition to costs saved from lay-offs.

3 April 2012

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step...

This post has come about because I have a colleague currently going through some pretty tough personal changes. As much as we all try not to have our personal issues not affect our work lives you can certainly tell when someone has a lot on their head and they are facing difficulty in dealing with the commitment to attend to both work and personal life . So this post is really for him and anyone out there going through some changes. I wanted to share some tools that help me.