14 October 2012

Discovering Hong Kong: 5 Travel Tricks & Tips for Travelistas on the Go

Hong Trip Slideshow - More Pictures here

The terminal train announcement at Hong Kong International Airport, peered through Keane who together  with Emeli Sandè and The Script formed the soundtrack to my 10 day visit between Hong Kong and China. Saturday September, 22nd, it was time to head back to London...

Yes, my lovelies! I had finally set foot on the Asian continent, albeit five years late. It took a wedding invitation to get me to sign up for a 16 hour flight. A wedding I very nearly missed thinking it was one month later than the actual date. A frantic shuffling and emails suggesting the cheapest ways to save cost to our client on covering the days I would be off secured my release off my current project for 7 working days, 10 including weekends.

Arriving in Hong Kong  tired but immediately awakened by the beautifully lite skyscrapers as the hotel shuttle bus took me and 3 others from the airport to the Marriott Courtyard. I forced myself to sleep at 6.30pm UK time and 1.30am HK in an attempt to adjust my body clock to Hong Kong time. As the blinds slowly disappeared into the ceiling revealing the prettiest emerald green sea views I have ever laid eyes on, I had woken up in Hong Kong!!! Turbo Jet boats whizzed past transporting travelers to a Macau, container floats lazily passing by over a back drop of the Victoria Harbour. Twenty-one floors above the ground, I must have sat by the window for a while because it was 3pm by the time I dragged my jet-lagged behind out of my hotel room.

9 October 2012

An Explorer's Essentials: "What To Wear Where" Challenge

This is a mini post in response to PhiPhi's "what to wear where" challenge. Considering most of my posts recently have been about my travels so I thought I would post a mini...my packing essentials...

To travel at ease means having to really think about where you are going and what activities you will be getting involved in addition to aiming for little to no dewrinkling(ironing) activity. That will just eat into my exploration time. Comfort for me is an important factor when I travel so if I am doing long haul then I will not be spotting my 5'' heels. I try to think about the weather, different things I might be doing at different times of the day as well as how comfortable and light the items I am carrying are. The last thing I want is to spend time queuing up to check in a massive suitcase. Not me! Online check-in with just cabin case makes the whole process of boarding a plane that much easier. Work also involves a lot of inter-city travelling so I am fastly becoming a pro at travelling and packing light.