8 July 2012

Open The Olympic Games With A Weekend Of Free Music From Around The World

Emirates Cable Cars-  Royal Docks

If you haven't managed to get a ticket to any event at the Olympics, fear not, because help is at hand. If want to see some of the sporting events but not prepared to pay the amount it would cost to send your family for a week in Spain then I may just have some good news for you!

Firstly, for those lucky so and sos' that have managed to get themselves a ticket to a game, did you know that you can ride around London for FREE?! No, your eyes did not deceive you. Tickets to the Olympic events include free travel on public transport for the day of the event for London Transport zones 1 to 9. For the rest of you, form a queue to the right please.

I think I may have caught the Olympics fever. For the last year, I was so convinced that I would be heading off the Queen's Island in search of all that is unrelated to this Olympic madness. I have done a total 360! So excited to be so near to some of the venues and now the Emirates Airline Cable cars have opened up shop a stones throw from where I live I had to get on that.  Not before dosing up on Live music at the London Pleasure Gardens.

Hypnotic Brass performing at the London Pleasure Garden

Some of London's greatest pleasures and bargains are its free museums, but with the Olympics on the horizon there is even more to offer. The London 2012 Festival is the biggest festival the UK has ever seen, running from 21 June - 9 September. Artists from all over the world are coming together in celebration of the London 2012 Olympics Games.  To ring in the Olympics I have managed to see exclusive shows recently that included the summer camp at the Old Vic Tunnels, Hypnotic Brass at the London Pleasure Gardens and not to mention the yearly event of WestendLive! Pictures and Videos are all available on Facebook and Youtube.

Embankment, National Gallery, London Eye,
Fantastic Temporary Architecture(2nd Row 3rd Picture)

Old Vic Tunnels - London Waterloo

Performing at Old Vic Tunnels: Tootsie Rollers, Emily Matthews, Amy Grace

Free Olympic Events

London 2012 Olypmics

So for those that would still like to see some Olympic games for free. There will be free events on the streets of London where you can watch for free. These include road cycling, triathlon and marathon, all near London's iconic tourist locations so you can squeeze in a little exploring while spectating. You will be able to catch the the men's road race on July 28th, the women's marathon on August 5th, the men's walk race, August 4th and much more. Details and times at the London Attractions

Free Music Fest: London 2012 Festival

The Scissor Sisters

Tipped as the biggest music festival the UK has seen in celebration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Taking place on 6 stages across London featuring artist the likes of Angelique Kidjo, Zakir Hussain, Noissettes, Scissor Sisters, Beverly Knight and More! Taking place a weekend before the Olympic Games open. Six stages across the River Thames on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd July, representing Asia(Battersea Park), Africa(Trafalgar Square). Europe(Somerset House), America(Tower of London) and Oceania will be represented at the Greenwich Old Naval College.

Mini confession before you run off buying all the tickets, they are not exactly free. Well they are and they not! The transaction is handled through ticket master who are charging £3 per ticket. Seeing the Scissor Sisters, Beverly Knight and Noisettes for £3 is nothing! More details and tickets at BT River of Music. Half a million people are set to attend this event so don't wait too long to get the tickets as most venues have already sold out.

I missed out on tickets for the Americas stage so anyone who happens to go there please take lots of pictures and tweet me so I can ravel all that I will be missing when the Naturally 7 and Scissor Sisters take stage. OR if you cant make it and want to spare me your ticket(wink wink, nudge nudge) then tweet me!

London For FREE

Still railing for more free stuff while ticket holders form endless queues at Olympic venues, then check out the links below.

For those that live in London I am sure you know pretty well just how crazy London transport will be, so for those of you that are coming in from around the world check out 'Get ahead of the games' site. There are also various apps available to help you plan your journey, Transport for London also plans on running trains later than usual to clear the crowds leaving the venues late. Be sure to tweet me your Olympic game pictures please.

Over and out!


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